Friday, June 1, 2012

Feels like fall ... in June!

Woke up this morning in Indiana to chilly willy weather!
The month of June is making quite an appearance.

I'm not complaining though, not one bit.
I LOVE fall ...crazy about it.
Seems like I'm most motivated in the fall when it comes to decorating!
I love putting out all the pumpkins, scarecrows, & candy corn.
Of all my seasonal decor, it's what I put out 1st ... & leave out the longest.

But, just 'cause it feels like fall doesn't mean I can go all autumnal, huh?!
I am taking this cool air & grey skies as a big shot in the arm, however, 
to get down to business with the task at hand:  preparing for our twin sons' open house
which we're hosting here at our house in 8 days.
Yikes ... just saying that out loud makes me semi-crazy!!
Ok, who are we kidding ... I'm already semi-crazy.
This isn't ganna be pretty, folks.

Nah, I'm trying my best to not suck the fun out of this upcoming big event
by stressing out like a mad woman.
I do want us all to be on speaking terms when this thing is all said & done.

So today, I am finishing all the decor in the living room.
I loved everything as I had it,  pre-senior pics, but now I have these gorgeous photos
of our double blessings to display, so I have to switch things up a bit.

Maybe after the madness  open house is over, I'll post pics of the new look.

I love my boys like ca-razy, so allll this work is totally worth it.
{Just know that when all this is finished, I may never cook, clean, decorate,
or host another party ever again ...sorry Riley ;) 
Just getting together the slideshow has taken light years off my life, not to mention
setting us back some 38 boxes of Kleenex.}

So for your viewing pleasure, here's a couple pics of my gorgeous boys~

We believe in our 2nd amendment right around here ...these handguns were given as gifts from their Dad at their 'Manhood Ceremony' on their 17th birthday.

One last little request:  add me to your prayer list immediately ;)


  1. I know what you mean about this weather. I live north of Fort Wayne and I don't understand how we go from 95 one day to needing jackets and sweatshirts a few short days later. Good Luck on your open house and I will pray for you. And I love the pics!

  2. I agree ... this fickle Indiana weather ;)
    Thank you SO much for your prayers ... I truly appreciate them!