Friday, October 12, 2012

Life Lessons From The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Politics according to Linus ~ he was way ahead of his time ;)

Pumpkin patches can & should be sincere.
"Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see."


Little girls are mean.
{Especially the ones named Lucy}
Never trust 'em, even if they have a signed document.


No one, I repeat, no one should give rocks in tricks or treats bags!
    Lucy: I got five pieces of candy! 
    Kid: I got a chocolate bar! 
    Another Kid: I got a quarter! 
    Charlie Brown: I got a rock.

    Kid: I got a candy bar! 
   Another Kid: Boy, I got three cookies! 
   Lucy: Hey, I got a package of gum! 
   Charlie Brown: I got a rock.

    Lucy: I got a popcorn ball! 
   Kid: I got a fudge bar! 
   Another Kid: I got a pack of gum! 
   Charlie Brown: I got a rock.

Good grief ... poor Charlie Brown.


Sisters, even when they think you're crazy for sleeping in the pumpkin patch, can be caring & kind.


Music is a powerful influence.
It moves people even moves dogs.
Turn up the volume & watch this clip!

And this inevitably raises the question, why on earth did someone not write any pumpkin carols?

All of us should have child-like faith ... an unshakable belief in something ...
even if it is the Great Pumpkin!



  1. My children (okay, me too) love Charlie Brown. this was cute!

  2. This is very cute...Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas = CHARLIE BROWN SHOWS

  3. This is super cute. Halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas = Charlie Brown <3