Tuesday, February 5, 2013

They Pulled One Over On Us!

We have a fellowship meal every Sunday at our church.
Each of our ladies take turns ... planning the weekly meals when it's their month to do so.
For this month, the month of LOVE, Sister Tammy is the planner.
Not only has she planned out our fellowship meals, she has arranged each Sunday
of this month to be themed, coordinating with LOVE ...
you know, hearts & chocolate, & kisses & candies ...
all that sa-weet stuff that belongs in February ;)

This past Sunday was, much to our surprise, 'We Love the Penningtons' Sunday!
It was an over-the-top appreciation service that had us in tears {lots of tears} one moment
& laughter the next.
Our family will never be able to put into words how much this day,
these heartfelt encouraging words, the gifts, & these special, special people mean to us.
When a 'down day' or discouraging spirit tries to overtake us {that happens every now & again},
this day, these words will ring in our ears & lift our heads.
Family Life Assembly, we could never thank you enough.

Here are some pictures so you can see how beee-utiful the decorations were.

overlook the white spots on the walls ...they were just prepped to be painted soon

I love how she used a variety of pictures of our family as part of the decor,
especially mounted on these bags.
Aren't these so cool?!

Riley opening his jogging shirt ... he loved it!
Gunnar is looking at his AE gift card.

We are abundantly blessed ... a hundred times over.

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  1. This is so special and wonderful! Happy for you! I love the family picture at the end..makes me think about my own 3 handsome boys :-)