Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Boston Cream Cake

In honor of today being Wednesday
& because I knew we all needed a healthy sinfully delicious recipe post,
it is my pleasure to share this recipe with you.

Ya know, every now & then you just need a wow dessert.
One that looks good & tastes good.
This one scores an A+ in both subjects.
{OK, it's not the prettiest cake I've ever made, but hey, I'm not Paula Deen, ya know.}
I took it to church for Sunday fellowship lunch & I'll just say,
they were scraping the crumbs off the cake plate.
Seriously, they were.
I got lots of compliments on this cake.

I think what made it SO good was the 'for realz' Bavarian cream that was between the 4 layers.
And I think what made the Bavarian cream so good was that I bought it at the Amish store.
Be still my heart.

Now, you've got one of two options:
Find your nearest Amish store & buy a sleeve of this Bavarian cream
OR google a recipe to make your own.
No biggie.
OK, truthfully, you can just use vanilla pudding, but why on earth would you want to do that?!

Any way you slice it up, make this cake!

Now, if you've come here just for the recipe & are wondering why it's clear down here at the bottom,
well, the easy answer for that is ... I just like to talk!
I've got the gift of gab.
Plain & simple.
I knew you needed my commentary on all things Boston Cream Cake.

Oh & one last thing:
Did you know that even though this is a CAKE, it's really supposed to be called Boston Cream Pie?!
Google it.
You'll see.
I found myself telling everyone at church that's it's called Boston Cream Pie, but it's really a cake.
I decided right then, for all intents & purposes, I was breaking tradition & calling it CAKE!
Oh my.

Finaaallllly .... 3 hours later, here is the recipe!

Boston Cream CAKE

1 18 ounce box vanilla cake mix
1 sleeve Bavarian cream {approx. 3 cups}
1 16 ounce tub of prepared chocolate frosting

Bake cake according to box directions, using 2 - 8 inch round pans.
Allow to cool.
Gently & evenly cut each round cake horizontally using a serrated knife.
Place bottom layer on cake plate & top with Bavarian cream.
Repeat with additional layers of cake & cream.
The top layer will finish with cake.
Place chocolate icing, uncovered, in microwave for 30 seconds until thin.
Slowly pour over top of cake, starting in the center, until it runs down sides. 
{*I only used about 1/2 the tub of icing}
Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Oh ... & just in case you are unsure what I mean by 'sleeve of Bavarian cream', here ya go.


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  1. I might have to try this, it looks temping and good!! I am your new follower.

  2. Whether you call it pie or cake, it is my husband's favorite dessert! How much easier can it be? We don't have an Amish store around but there is a farm market that carries stuff like the Bavarian crème...I will have to check it out. LOVE your gift of gab....keep talkin' girl!

    1. AnnMarie, you made me smile a really big cheesy smile!!

  3. OMG this looks sooooooooo very delish !! Thanks for sharing !!!

  4. A sleeve of Bavarian Cream? Why have I not known about this wonderous thing?!?!

  5. Consider your life enriched! LOL - thanks for stopping by! Blessings.

  6. your boston cream cake looks so delicious! wow looks like a big delicious donut! glad to have stopped by today from suburbsmama party today! Ingrid

  7. Ha ... it does, doesn't it?! I'm so glad you stopped over too, Ingrid!

  8. Wow, Angela, I am visiting from Sunny Simple Monday, and this cake caught my eye right away! I am so ready for a slice to go with my afternoon cup of coffee! I will have to try it. xo

  9. I think it would make a fine pairing with your coffee! =) Thanks for stopping over, Barbara!

  10. Oh my, this looks sooooooooooooooooooo good and decadent. I would love it. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  11. LOL - Thank you, Marty. It WAS just that good! Thanks for hosting a fabulous party.

  12. OMG! My mouth is watering. Thank you so much for linking up!I hope to see more from you on my next party.

    1. LOL - it has that power!! I'll def be back to party! AND ...thanks for featuring this yummo cake!