Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day - guest post by Pam Perry

Today, you are in for a special treat! 
For the first time, CALL HER BLESSED has a guest post, 
written by a sweet and dear friend, Pam Perry.
She's a homeschool mom rock star & has been an inspiration for me in
many ways over the years.
She sent a beautiful email last week, to encourage each of the recipients 
to go the extra mile on Veteran's Day ... to refuse to let this day pass without
the proper observance it deserves.
I messaged her right away & asked if I could share it on the blog ...
& she graciously agreed.
Take a second to read this ... and if you don't have set plans,
maybe you can be spontaneous & work something into your day.
Check to see what's going on in your town & head on over to support it.
If nothing else, bake {or buy} some cookies, a thank-you card 
& deliver it to a veteran that you know ...
a small gesture that will make a big impact, of this I'm sure.
Above all, diligently teach your children about the significance of this day.
Do not let it pass unnoticed. 

Happy Veteran's Day to all those who have served & sacrificed.

Pam & I at the IAHE Homeschool Convention

"Over the past several weeks, I have been quite frustrated 
with the government shutdown and how it affected our veterans.  
Many veterans and visitors were told that they would not have access 
to the war memorials ... memorials that have been erected in their honor. 
However, I was encouraged and my heart was warmed after listening 
to several accounts of the Honor Flight that left Fort Wayne in October.  

I have not had the opportunity to visit the war memorials in Washington D.C., 
nor have I had the honor of welcoming veterans back from an Honor Flight.  

I have, however, had  the opportunity to attend ceremonies in honor of veterans 
and active duty military in my local community.  

Today, Monday, November 11th, is Veteran's Day.  
Our family has always tried to attend some form of a Veteran's Day Ceremony.  
There have been years that we haven't been able to, 
but we have always felt that it is important to show honor and respect 
to those have served to protect our country.  
When our oldest son was eight or nine, 
we attended a few outdoor ceremonies that were bitter cold.  

It was the least that we could do. 

They have since moved this ceremony to our local high school.  
We have attended that as well over the years.  

It is never convenient.  
It interrupts our school day.  
The weather is bad.  
I have a little baby.
(Brent was only 17 days old when he went to his first ceremony). 

I actually thought about sending out this email last week, 
but I have been very busy.  

In fact, I am exhausted today.  
It crossed my mind to skip it this year.  
To "forget" for this year, but I can't.   
We can't forget.

I can do a quick glance at Veteran's Day during school
and we can pray for our Armed Forces during devotions,
but some things just require a little more action on our part.
This is why today, Veteran's Day, we will head out to the high school 
for the Veteran's Day Ceremony.
The kids will shake hands with the local veterans
and thank them for their service.
They will run next door to thank our neighbors on both sides for their service, as well ... 
we have Vietnam veterans on both sides of us.
{We thanked the veterans at church on Sunday.}

I can already tell you that my school day will not be a very good one
in the way of academics.
I will hope to accomplish a lot more than we actually get done.
Actually, you know what?
We are going to have a great day of school.
We are going to focus on history and character building.

There won't be a test, yet.
In a few years, if the Lord wills it, my kids will take their kids out to honor the veterans ... 
then I will know that I passed.

By God's grace and mercy, I was born in America.
I live in a country that isn't perfect ... a country whose leaders are flawed. 
However, I am thankful to the pilgrims, pioneers, and soldiers who have paved the way 
to the freedoms and life that I enjoy.  

I encourage and invite you to join our family in honoring our veterans.
Find a ceremony in your local community, shake a veterans hand,
pay for a veteran's meal, or give him or her a gift card.
Don't forget that there will most likely be family members of veterans
or active duty military at these ceremonies.
They are to be thanked and honored as well.

{Need some online resources?  Go to The Skit Guys website for several 
great Veteran's Day clips and reminders.}"

God Bless,
Pam Perry   


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  1. This is so moving. Powerful. Loved every bit!

    1. I agree! Makes me excited for next year already. Thanks for stopping by, Ashley. Hope your week is going great.