Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Pumpkin Tree

Today, my sweet hubs bought me home
some beautiful flowers...
& a PUMPKIN TREE {incredibly cool}!

Who knew there was a such thing...a PumPkiN TrEE!
...but that's what the package said
Look at these adorable lil' pumpkins (or whatever they are).

My boys say they look like a cross between a pumpkin, a tomato, & a pepper.
{The lil' yellow things are chili peppers}
I absolutely love it all!

So, never underestimate what your hubs can bring home from Kroger.
Not only did he decide to grill out today, he planned the meal, went & picked up the items he needed....
and yes,
brought me home this wonderful prize.
He said it was all to make me smile.

It worked =D