Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So I Had a Bad Day

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Ever had one of those days when evvverything goes wrong?

Yesterday, evvverything went wrong.
It was literally a 'one step forward, 15 steps back' kind of day.

Things started off ok, until my feet hit the floor.
{hmmm, I think maybe I shoulda stayed in bed!}

Monday is cleaning day around here, so it was business as usual, in that respect.
This is, however, the beginning of a very busy week ... a very busy couple months, actually.
The kind of week where all my ducks have to be in a row.
I was preoccupied thinking on these things & my verrrry long to-do list ...
& that's where the chaos started ... in my mind! 

You know the scripture that perfectly described me yesterday?
The double-minded {wo}man scripture ... unstable in alllll {her} ways!!
That was me!

{Yes, I know the implications of that scripture are far more serious than I am meaning here, 
but just go with it ... you know full-well what I mean!}

I went upstairs what seemed to be a hundred times ...
& came back down without what I went up for.

I started up the washer & forgot to put in the clothes.
Not kidding.

I had 'the dropsy' ... you know, that's when you drop everything you touch!

I cooked chicken breasts in the crock pot all day, deboned them, & made a nice pot
of chicken & noodles ... that were SO terrible that I had to pour THE WHOLE thing 
down the garbage disposal.

Course, I didn't discover that the noodles had disintegrated into a pasty, goopy mess 
until after I had peeled the potatoes & put them on to boil.
Annnd, I haven't even mentioned that after I drained the potatoes, 
added the milk, butter, sour cream, cheese, & garlic, 
the whole lid came off the parsley as I was shaking some in ...
& I poured in the entire bottle of dried parsley!!

On a day that was already ca-razzy busy, my determination to make us 
a home-cooked meal backfired.
I should've just had us eat dinner at Chikfila at the birthday party we were attending.

James to the rescue ... he picked up some chicken on the way home from work ...
and I scooped out parsley in an attempt to recover the potatoes.

But it's not over.

On the way to the birthday party, we stop at Target to pick out a gift.
James dropped me off at the door so I could dash inside ...
only to majorly stub my toe on the curb, so hard that I broke my shoe!!
My flip flop snapped!

I am not making this up.

Though that was the last of my disasters for the day, I was feeling pretty defeated in spirit.
I could clearly see that in my attempt to rush around & pack too much into one day, 
I had caused myself lots of trouble!

I am my own worst enemy sometimes.

So today, even though it promises to be another very busy day, 
{& I am currently almost making myself late for an appointment just so 
I can tell you all of yesterday's troubles}
I am determined not to have a repeat of yesterday!

I will slow down ... & I'll think & act rationally.
{I will, I promise!}

I will repeat to myself over & over ... the joy of the Lord is my strength.
I will breath deep & enjoy the sunshine.
I will retain my sanity ... & thank God that He will do His part.

"You keep {her} in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you..." Isaiah 26:3


  1. I feel you. Things can only go up : )

    Found you through WLW, I'd love it if you'd link up with my blog today http://www.lessonsfromivy.com/2012/04/being-content-in-mothering.html

  2. One can hope!
    Yesterday was better =)
    Thanks for stopping by ...I linked up on your page.