Saturday, July 7, 2012

Easy Ways to Dress Up a Card

Here lately I find myself giving more gift cards.
I'm not completely happy about that, but I feel like sometimes it's just the best option.

Both sets of parents, for example...well, they have everything there is to be had.
I think I've bought every 'standard' gift at least once.
Well, not every one, but I've certainly purchased a fair number of ties, 
Bath & Body Works, purses, books, etc.
You get the gist.

Case & point of why I've decided to go with gift cards more often.
This way, the recipient can buy just what they're needing or wanting.
I also enjoy buying restaurant gift cards to places that they may not ordinarily go.
A new dining experience is always fun.

I don't like giving just a plain card though.
It just seems, well, plain.
I tend to always look for something to attach to the outside to bump it up a notch.

This was my dad's Father's Day card, with his Kohl's gift card inside.
We had taken a trip to Jungle Jim's the day before & I picked him up 
this little package of Divinity.
Definitely nothing major ... no bells & whistles ... just enough to perk up a 'plain ol' card.'

Here are some additional ideas for dressing up an envelope:
  • write the name extra fancy, maybe scrolly cursive, bubble letters or calligraphy
  • use a colored ink, or maybe metallic or glittery, depending on the recipient ...                                             {I like using red & green at Christmastime}
  • use a decorative seal or sticker {another thing I do especially at the holidays}
  • seal the envelope with wax for an old-fashioned flair
  • using an ink stamp can be a fun feature {birds, butterflies, flowers, vines}
  • put your scrapbooking supplies to use: try embossing, texturing, or stenciling 
  • tie the envelope up with raffia, ribbon, or twine {it'll seem a bit like unwrapping a gift}

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  1. I am sure your dad just loved that. Gift cards are the best invention since sliced bread. Have a wonderful week or what's left of it. What day is it? Yes, Wednesday so half a week I would guess. Thanks so much for taking the time to link up.