Wednesday, September 5, 2012

All Because REE Raved about Revlon!!

Ree Drummond ... Pioneer Woman ... she's one of my favorites!
I love her blog.
I love her cookbook.
I love, love her cooking show on the Food Network.
And she's a homeschool mom.
That one right there puts her over the top, in my book.
She's a good cook & a homeschool mom ... 2 very important things that we have in common.

A couple weeks ago, Ree had a random post on her blog about lip gloss.
It caught my eye because, yes, that's just one more thing we have in common. gloss!!
I, at any given moment, have at least 6-8 tubes in my purse!
I know .... caarazy!

I came by my lip gloss love honestly.
I have one sister, an older sister, & let's just say I was at quite an impressionable age 
when she was deep in the world of lip gloss ;)
In other words, she was always putting it on when her boyfriend,
now my brother-in-law, came over...hehe!
Ya know those old-school, great big things of Bonnie Bell lip glosses?!
Oh ya, we had lots of those.

So, when Ree recommended  raved about this Revlon lip gloss that she picked up for cheap
at the drugstore, I'll have to admit ... she got my attention!
She said it was better than some $30 tubes that she'd used before.
Now, those of you that know me, know I'd neeevvver spend 30 bucks on a lip gloss!!
My biggest splurge is usually on the tubes of Beauty Rush from Victoria's Secret ...
& that's when they are clearanced down & I have a coupon!!

I giggled when I imagined how many ladies were headed to the drugstore to pick up
a Revlon lip gloss ... & I joined right in with them.

Here's where the story gets good!
You all know how I love a bargain, right ...
so I'm in CVS picking up some other dealies & I scanned my card at the kiosk, as usual.
Much to my surprise, it printed out 2 Revlon coupons!!
Yes, I took this as a sign from God ... the Revlon lip glosses were meant to be on my lips!

Better yet, there was a huge deal on Revlon that week!

{$4 ECB WYB Revlon Colorburst, Moondrops, Just Bitten, or Superlustrous Lip}

So, not only did I get these 2 lip glosses for CHEAP {less than $2 each OOP},
 I got ECB {extra care bucks} back for the next time!

The 2 ECB's for $4 are from buying the 2 lip glosses.
Sooo...are they as good as Ree said they'd be?
Drum rolllll.....
I realllly like them!!
They have staying power, the color is nice {just a hint}... & the best part, NOT sticky!

Thanks, Ree.
You We got it going on, girl ;)


  1. How fun! My mom went and bought some gloss bc Ree suggested them, so maybe I should too. :)

  2. On my way to the drug store, maybe wal~mart!
    Love ur blogs so much!

  3. Ree tapped in to what we ladies love ... looking pretty & a good deal!