Friday, August 24, 2012

CVS & Kroger Cheapies!

I know I've had mostly coupon & savings blog posts lately, but within the last few weeks,
several friends have contacted me asking for helpful hints in this area.
I am happy to oblige & fortunately, there have been some decent deals to share.
Someone even sent a note & asked me if I was one of those 'extreme couponers' ;)
That, I am not, but I do like to stretch my dollar as far as I can ...
& couponing is one way to do that.

I do my very best savings at the grocery store.
They tend to have the most straight-forward deals & less coupon confusion.
{Shopping at Walgreen can net you some freebies pretty often, but it's a bit like jumping
through hoops to get them.}

However, the next best is CVS.
They offer many different scenarios for saving & after you do it a time or two,
you become familiar with their system & get some really good deals.
It just takes a bit of planning.

This week at CVS, I made a couple transactions.

First, I bought the Listerine.
It was $2.99 & I had a $.50 coupon, making my OOP {out of pocket} $2.70.
Now, why this was a good deal:  I got a $2 coupon {extra care buck} back that can be spent
on my next transaction.

I had a $1 ECB {extra care buck} left from a couple weeks ago, giving me $3 to put toward
the Dove deal.
Also, some customers received via email a $2 off coupon from CVS this week.
I was one of those lucky customers!
I applied it here, as well.

The Dove deal was this:  buy $15 in Dove products, get a $5 ECB coupon back.
I bought the 3 shampoos, 1 body wash, 1 hairspray.
I used my ECBs & my CVS coupon, & I had coupons for every Dove item I purchased.
With a total of 6 coupons, valuing $12, I paid $6.05 OOP, & got back a $5 ECB for the next time!

Yes, this deal took a little bit of planning, but so worth it in the end!

**The bonus for this week:  I scanned my card at the CVS coupon kiosk
& got 2 awesome coupons that I went back & used the next day!
I will tell you all about that one tomorrow morning. 

{If you are new to CVS shopping, be sure to always scan your card at the red coupon
kiosk at the front of the store. 
It prints out coupons that you can combine with other coupons for additional savings!}

This week also involved 2 quick trips to Kroger {I'll share 1 today, 1 tomorrow}.
Here was the best deals!

This was done simply by matching my coupons with their sale items.
Here's the breakdown:
Chex .99
Irish Spring .49
Speed Stick .49
2 Dial soaps .18 each
2 Carefree .09 each
2 Skittles .09 each

I love these cheapie deals!!
Stayed tuned tomorrow for more =)

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