Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Looking back at the weekend through photos - part 1: Amish grocery & Cassie's party~

In a perfect world, one that did not include me feeling terrible all week,
this post would have gone up on Monday.

However, we all know the world is far from perfect.
And as for the 'feeling terrible all week part," well, this is about the 3rd week of that.
I'm troubled about it, way more than I let on, but I'm praying for understanding, direction, &healing.

Anyhoo ...

I have enjoyed looking back over these pictures & reminiscing about what a good weekend it was,
so I'm posting ... better late than never.

On Saturday morning, we headed out of town to Liberty to celebrate James' cousin's open house party ...
she graduated from high school.
We decided to go a bit early & stop at our favorite Amish grocery store.

We were smart this time & brought along a cooler so we could buy lunch meat, cheese,
& products that needed to be kept cold.

 I had to snap a pic of these EXTRA LARGE carrots ... seriously the biggest I've seen ... ever!

 Look at the size of this one!

We had a good time here, as usual.
We stocked up for ourselves & bought several Father's Day gifts for both sets of dads.
Even James himself got his Father's Day gift from here.
We'd been looking for an outdoor rocker & then switched to a porch swing.
We hadn't bought it yet because we wanted to check a couple more stores before making the purchase.
Good thing we hadn't ... cause we'd forgotten about how much he loved these handmade chairs
when we were at this Amish store the last time.
Yes, James is slightly obsessed ... one of his life's missions:  find the perfect rocking chair.
This one is a glider, & after trying out every.single.chair there, he says this one is right there at the top.
No, it doesn't necessarily 'go' with our living room decor, but that's alright.
He loves it & has been in it every night this week.

As for my prizey, well, I had to have one of these huge hanging baskets.
I've always wanted one of these great big ones, I just don't ever break down & pay the high price for one.
Much to my disbelief, these were only $14.99!!
If I'd had room to haul a couple more, I sure would have.

 It's hard to tell from these pics just how big this thing really is ... so, so beautiful!

After packing our Suburban full of our goodies from the Amish store
{cooler full of food, glider chair, hanging basket, Father's Day gifts...not to mention 5 people},
we were happy to arrive at Cassie's party with some precious cargo in tow.

You see, taking up another big portion in the truck were these yummy desserts!
We were the delivery service for a special cake & nearly a hundred cupcakes,
with the exception of the 24 that were accidentally left on our dining room table.
We'll leave that story untold.
{I have a strict 'no throwing anyone under the bus' policy here at Call Her Blessed ...
& I'm not going to veer from it now.}

We were happy that not a single cupcake was smashed.
And for the record, the peanut butter & jelly were my fave.

Here's the sweet graduate herself, Miss Cassie on the left, with cousins Garrett & Riley
& Garrett's girlfriend, Carissa.
We had a fun time celebrating with Cassie & visiting with family.

Our prayers and best wishes to Cassie for a bright future.

Now, for the Father's Day portion of the weekend, stay tuned for part 2!


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  1. Angela I love the glider you husband choose and that basket of flowers is gorgeous and a huge bargain!!! Thanks for joining TTF this week.


  2. Thank you, Linda ... he is absolutely loving it!!