Thursday, August 29, 2013

Scratch & Dent Savings

Hello there, friends & followers.
One thing I think all of us have in common, especially in these economic times, is the love of a good deal.
If there's a way to save a few extra dollars at the grocery store, well, you can count me in.

One way to stretch those dollars is by taking advantage of the markdowns
on the scratch & dent aisle.
Maybe your store doesn't have one, but if it does, make sure it's an aisle that you don't skip!

Our Kroger store used to have just a small couple tables in the back corner where they'd place the
markdown items ... along with a random cart or two near the refrigerated section.
They've now moved the scratch & dent markdown area to about 1/2 an aisle length near the pet food.

They also roll out a couple carts of baked goods & there's a special cart in the produce,
all with reduced priced items.
In addition to that, there are mark downs in the coolers, you just have to look for the stickers.

None of these things are out of date.
They are marked down either for quick sale, damaged cans/boxes, or the items are no longer being carried.

It's usually hit & miss on any of the deals cause they go quick ... just a matter of timing.

Today, I found quite a few things, most of which were scratch & dent.
Now,  it doesn't bother me one bit to buy a can that's been dropped on the floor,
or a cereal box that is in less-than-perfect shape.
As long as it isn't opened, doesn't look like it's been ran over by a truck,
& has a good expiration date, I'm in!

Here's what I found today:

dented items
canned veggies {corn, green beans, carrots, peas & carrots combo}  -- .19 & .39 each
Campbell's chicken noodle soup  -  .39
cream of chicken soup  -  .59
Downy fabric softener  -  $2.49
Cocoa Pebbles  -  $1.19
Sprayway glass cleaner $1.59  **one of my favorite brands -- this had a cracked lid

The rest of the items can nothing wrong with them whatsoever.
diced chilies  -  .59
Quaker granola bars $1.19
Kellogg's Krave $1.99
Kraft salad dressing $1.49

I was pretty happy with these deals.
Would've been even nicer if I'd had a coordinating coupon or two to match with these,
but I did not.

All in all, know your store.
Know where the markdown items are located throughout & take a second & see what's there.
Hope you are finding ways to stretch your dollars too.


  1. Oh, yes...I'm all about saving everywhere I can. I, too, buy scratch and dent...also watch the meat market very carefully as they add to it daily. It is just about to expire but not there yet. When we find quite a lot, we put it into freezer bags right away and freeze. We have really great meats in there most of the time.
    Over from Create It Thurs.
    O, and I am linking up to follow on bloglovin

    1. So glad to have you, BJ-- welcome! I like finding those markdown meats too. Any way to save!

  2. I love Kroger's markdown area... but wish we had a half aisle of it like you! Like BJ, I get a lot of marked down meats and freeze them. Sam's Club is another good spot for marked down meats!

    1. I don't have a Sam's Club card ... I've heard they have a good meat dept. Thanks for stopping by, Jenifer.

  3. I always check the Kroger markdowns also. I'm all for saving money and this is a great way. Thanks for sharing with TTF.

  4. Angela, You may want to be careful of any dents on the seam of the cans. I think many people are try to save and make do with a lot less. I hate to see wasted food. xoxo,Susie

    1. For sure. Our store is good to only put out items that are in 'sellable' condition.