Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Scariest Room in my House

I'm going in!
And if I'm not back out in a few minutes, come rescue me!

You think I'm kidding, but no!
My laundry room is officially the scariest room in my house to deep clean.

partially painted -- going from dark tan & cranberry to a lighter tan all over

See, it functions not only as the laundry room, but also the dog-feeding room & the mud room.
The name 'mud room' in & of itself denotes that dirt & grime are sure to show up in this room.
Now, add in all the spills every time the dog's food storage container is refilled
& all the DUST from the dryer & what you've got is one ICKY room.

Now, it's cleaned every week ... you know, vacummed, mopped, dusted ...
but I do not pull out the washer & the dryer to clean underneath weekly.

I know.

Shame on me ... a slacker of monumental proportions.

About 4-5 times a year, I take on the task of moving the washer/dryer over to the other side
of the room to clean ... & oh the treasures I find.

There's always a good amount of dust, dirt & lent ... & dust, dog food, & pennies ...
and pellets from air soft guns, dust, & more dog food.
It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it.

And since I did not have this exhilirating activity on my Summer 2013 bucket list,
don't you think it's only fitting that I promptly go on over & add that on,
but for the sole purpose of getting to check it off my list?!
I think I should.
It's the logical thing to do.

Here's what been going on in my laundry room:

  • wallpaper border stripped
  • entire room washed down -- walls, trim, floor, doors + the washer & dryer
  • the trim & doors have been painted
  • walls painted {almost done with that} -- finishing behind the washer & dryer today

In my lofty dreams, you know -- the one where every room in my house is filled to the brim
 with all my Pinterest faves, my laundry room would look like it stepped right off the cover
of Better Homes & Gardens.
You know the kind -- those swoon-worthy rooms ...but, that's just not a reality for me.
In addition to being a laundry room, dog feeding room, & mud room,
the heater & water heater live in this room.
Talk about being multi-functional!
And, unfortunately, there's no creatively hiding those things.

And before you ask, yes, those are flip flops in the trash can!  They hurt my feet so much yesterday that I promptly came home from the grocery store & tossed 'em in the trash!

So, I'll settle with a fresh coat of paint & things organized a bit better.
I did buy a pretty picture to hang on the wall several months ago & I think I'll pick up
a new basket or two to sit on the shelf & hold something or other.
I'll show you pics of this little windowless room once it's all completed.

Remember how I told you this is a dog feeding room?
Well, Cooper keeps coming in to see what's going on in 'his room.'

What an adorable little black face.

 Boy, am I glad to have this dirty job done!
I promptly collasped on my fainting couch & ate a bon-bon.

Ok, I don't have a fainting couch ... or a bon-bon.
So, I settled for my regular ol' couch & I ate a wedding cake ... the whole thing ;)
{It's a good thing there were only 3 in the box.}

 Take it from me ... in the case of a bon-bon emergency, these will work just fine ;)


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  1. I love real and this is real! I had a similar situation that I posted about several months ago. My laundry remodel is not BHG material, but it is definitely better and I'm happy with it! Looking forward to your after pics :)

    1. Ha - about as real as you can get ;) So happy you visited.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Got to love the laundry room / utility room! My washer & dryer are in basically a closet with the furnace that I have to straddle the corner of when I'm taking stuff out of the washer, then have to twist my leg awkwardly to get to dryer door open. Laundry is such an adventure!

    1. Sounds like you do have an adventure --- and a work out! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Ugh, not my favorite room in my house either! Thanks for keeping it real and sharing at TTF.

    1. Yep, no chandy in my laundry room ;) Glad you stopped in.

  5. thanks for letting us have a peek into you life and laundry room :-)

    1. Well, I'm glad you visited, even if it was my less-than-spectacular laundry room ;)

  6. Some rooms are just like that. You should see my garage, much worse. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

    1. The garage ... yep that's another scary place ;) Ours is organized, but not very lovely to look at.