Friday, April 18, 2014

A Vintage Blue Housewarming Gift

I wanted to share this gorgeous vintage porcelain enamel pan with you since I bought it last summer,
but it got lost in the shuffle somewhere along the way.
Story of my blogging life.

However, I instantly thought of this blue lovely when I saw a link-up party called "Anything Blue Friday." 
{Be sure & stop in at The Dedicated House to look around!}

Isn't she PURTY ... just about perfect in my book.

And you know, as soon as I laid eyes on her, I knew she belonged to my sweet friend, Jenny.
{She's the one that gave me the Granola Munch recipe that I recently shared ...
be sure to check it out if you haven't yet.}
So I scooped it up & put it in my cart.

And you know where I bought this from?
The flea market.
Have you ever bought a gift for a friend at the flea market or the junk store?
My friend Jenny loves shopping at the thrift stores just like I do & she loves old things.
Yep, it just had her name on it.

I thought it had loads of character ... worn edges here & there.
It's worn clear through the white in one spot.

Here it is on my old vintage chair ...
These two have a lot in common.

I decided to send this to Jenny as a housewarming gift for the new house they had just purchased.
Thus began the hunt for what to put inside that would weather being shipped to Missouri.

I knew these red & white kitchen towels would make a striking combo & they did!

Jenny has a soft spot for drinking coffee, so adding the mug was an easy decision.

I tucked in a note & off it went to MO.

I LOVE giving gifts to people.
It just makes my heart happy & this one was especially fun.

I have pics of us together, but nothing recent -- so I thought I'd share this one of sweet Jenny & her daughter, Brooklyn.  Isn't this shot so fun?!

We visited the Stephens family in February & smiled when I saw how Jenny used this pan.
She has it in her bathroom, sitting on the top shelf of a little chippy roller cart.
It's filled with rolled washcloths.

Now, just for fun, since this post was inspired by BLUE,  here are some fun & interesting stuff about BLUE:

~ I personally like blue cause it's the color of the sky & the ocean ... I don't commonly
decorate with blue, but I do wear it {royal blue actually looks pretty nice on me}.

~ Blue is the overwhelming the “favorite color,” & is seen as trustworthy & dependable

~ President Martin VanBuren is credited with introducing blue into the decorating scheme
of the White House in 1837 and since then, there has been a “blue room” there.

~  Blue is the favored color choice for toothbrushes.  Ha.

~  Mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue twice as much as to any other color.  I'll remember this one!

~ Many common phrases include the word blue:
  • out of the blue: unexpected
  • True blue: to be loyal or faithful
  • Once in a blue moon: an event that occurs infrequently
  • Blue ribbon: first place; to describe something as being of the highest quality
  • Blue blood: an aristocrat
  • Blueprint: a detailed design of an object or idea
  • Blue plate special: a special priced meal at a restaurant
  • Feeling blue: to feel sad or unhappy

So, hope your skies are blue, but not your spirit!
Thanks for visiting Call Her Blessed & come back anytime.

Who doesn't love a good party?!
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  1. I love this bowl! It would go perfect in my cobalt and white kitchen! I sold an enamelware teapot with this pattern on it in my Etsy shop. It is called the Onion pattern from the 18th century. What a wonderful friend you are to part with it to gift to someone you know would love it!

    1. Thank you lots for this info! I googled but didn't come up with much, so I am glad you shared. Makes me even happier I bought it. Thanks for stopping in & commenting, AnnMarie!! Have a great day.

  2. This was a fun post. I LOVE the enamel pot and was happy one of your readers identified the pattern. You coordinated your gift so well with the tea towels and mug. I'm sure your friend appreciated the housewarming gift. Thanks, also, for the facts about "blue". You gotta love the combination of blue and white!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

    1. Hi Rosie! I happy she shared that info! I am also happy you visited & commented! Hope you have a great Friday & come by anytime!

  3. How pretty. You have a good eye for finding treasures at the flea market! Thanks for sharing at Best of the Nest!

    1. I have to say, I always wish that I'd find some super extraordinary treasure at the flea market ... ya know, something that's worth looottsss of money! HaHa. Thanks so much, Lisa, for visiting & commenting.

  4. So very pretty! You are one of the features today at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link to the party. Hope to see you again at the little blue soiree. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    1. Thank you so very much, Kathryn! What a delight. I've shared a link to your page on my fb too. Can't wait to post another something blue again!