Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Was Successful Because:

Hello everyone =)
Greetings from cold Indiana.
Someone so needs to tell the sun to SHINE already.
We are counting down the days til spring & are hoping some warmer weather
decides to accompany it.
In Indiana, you just never know.

I thought I'd give you an update of how things are going around here.
I shared in January that we have embarked on a major lifestyle change.
We are getting healthy!
{If you didn't get a change to read all about it, bring yourself up to speed here.}

I'm happy to report that we are still going strong!
James is down 23 lbs & I'm down 17.
We are so not mad at those numbers!

Our motto for the month of February was "STAY FOCUSED" ...
& that's precisely what we are doing!

James & all four boys joined a gym & have been going at it, hardcore.
They are usually at the gym somewhere between 4 - 4:30 a.m. before they head to work,
6 days a week.
I know, right?!
I'm so proud of them!

As for me, I'm walking on the treadmill here at home & I've got some workout dvds.
Key word phrase:  "I've got some" ...
Notice how I didn't say I was working out to some dvds...yea, I need to get busy on those.
Just having them is not doing the trick.

As for the gym, James & the boys are begging me to join them ... & I will ... eventually.
Umm, I'm just not ready yet.
I'm gym shy ... for now ;)

What's still working great is counting calories {James is using & I'm food journaling}.
We are eating plenty of lo-cal, high protein foods & cutting out processed junk.
James & the boys have added in protein shakes ...
& greek yogurt, well, it goes like hotcakes around here.

We've haven't been eating out much, but when we do, we plan ahead by looking up the cals
& making healthy choices.
We even had a 4 day mini-vaca to St. Louis during Feb. & we stayed on target the whole time,
coming home without a weight gain.
AND we even ate at Pappy's Smokehouse {bbq joint} ...waited almost 2 hours to get in, get seated, & eat.
It was so, so good.

And I'm putting out my disclaimer right now.
It's only because I'm under the influence of cold meds, I'm sleepy,
& I'm suffering from a momentary lapse in judgment that I am sharing this pic from Pappy's.
Well, that & cause it's playfully  inappropriate for this blog post ;)

Oh lordy ... forgive me, sweet blog followers, if I've crossed the line ;)
Everyone needs a giggle every now & again.

Ok ... enough of my misbehaving ...

Maybe in a few days, I can share with you some of the food 'staples' that have been working for us.
And maybe you can share some food faves back with me.


  1. So proud of you guys! Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm gym shy, too! When I did go to the gym I went to a gym just for women, and found out that if you go later in the evening there's less people there.

  3. Loved every bit of this!

    Ashley from This Southern Girl's Heart

  4. aw, thank you, Ashley ... you are a sweetie =)

  5. I had a membership for several yrs at an gym just for women for several yrs. I think I'll get the courage to go...eventually ;)

  6. I just clicked over to your blog and yes, I live in cold Indiana too! haha I heard it was supposed to be in the 50s by weekend so if we can just make it through today and tomorrow...
    Oh, and loved the laugh :) Thanks!

  7. Good ol' Indiana ;) The weather roller coaster, for sure! Thanks for visiting =)