Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 21 ~ 30 Days of Thanks

Thankful for motivation & accomplishment!


I've been in a big way of cleaning out, throwing away, taking things to the consignment
store & donating to Goodwill!
I've cleaned out the garage & several closets.

For the last couple days, I've been tackling a large tote labeled 'my music box' that was
full of sheet music, cds, & binders filled with instructional material.
{I used to give piano lessons & was the choir director for many years at the church
I attended.}
To say I had amassed lots of material would be an understatement.
I cleaned out my piano bench & another storage basket, sorting & organizing
everything that I needed to keep.
All in all, I think I threw out 20 larger binders!
It's amazing how wonderful it feels to simplify.

This is an especially good time to de-clutter ... right before Christmas.
More than likely, you will be bringing some new items into your home from gift
exchanges, especially if you have small children.
The new toys will have to have a spot in the toy box.

Here are a few simple tips to help take control of the clutter:

1}  Make a list

Write down your plan of action & get to work on it, marking one thing off at a time.
Seeing your goal on paper {& your progress as you complete each task} can be just
the right motivation.

2}  Give yourself a time in which to complete the project

Don't kill yourself to do it all in one day, but set a feasible goal & stay on target

3}  Recruit helpers

Your children can be a big help! 
Give them age-appropriate tasks & rewards when they thoroughly follow through.

4}  Give your children a box or a bag & send them to their rooms to find 10 things
{or more} to get rid of.

Doing this often helps to minimize clutter.
Also, have them keep drawers emptied of items that are too small or no longer used.

5}  Throw away & donate liberally!

They say you use 20% of your 'stuff' 80% of the time {& vice versa use 80% of
your stuff 20% of the time}.
If you haven't used it in a year, chances are, it's safe to go ahead & get rid of it.
Don't keep hanging on to things that are only cluttering your space.

Put out several bins or bags marked for trash, donation, garage sale, etc.
As you are sorting & organizing, place items into the appropriate bin.
The next step is just as important.
Instead of scooting the boxes & bags into the corner, take them where they need to
go immediately!
Drop off the donations right away.

Clearing out & getting rid of things somehow makes you feel lighter ...
kind of like peeling off layers of clothing.
I think you even sleep better.

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