Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 9 & 10 ~ 30 Days of Thanks

So thankful for the Republican victories in Tuesday's election!
It's exciting to see men with conservative values & principles taking office to lead
not only our city but also those that make up our surrounding communities.

On election day, Garrett & Gunnar worked the polls from 6a-6p.
Afterwards, they were invited to go with Mr. & Mrs. Bates to Franklin College
to await the results of the election.
They were introduced to many of the Republican politicians, including the new
mayor of Franklin.
Although they had previously met the new mayor of Greenwood & had done some
campaign work for him, they were able to meet his family & made friends with several
of his children. 
They had an exciting day & Garrett is looking forward to the possibility of more doors
opening from the connections made.

As if the excitement from Tuesday wasn't enough, on Wednesday, Garrett & Gunnar
find out they made the paper!!

This was snapped by the Daily Journal.
They are on the far left of the picture, holding the Bates sign.

What a wonderful experience this all turned out to be.
We are proud of our sons for volunteering their time in the community.
We see God's hand at work in their lives.

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