Thursday, September 23, 2010

And so begins...

An incredible feat has been achieved!  I have achieved an incredible feat!  Anyone listening?!  I tell you, I cannot be any more excited than I am right now!  I have wanted to enter the blogosphere for a good while, but was held back by um, just a tiny lil' problem.  Not only do I know NO ONE who blogs (to give me freebie tips & advice), let's just say that I'm a little - OK, alot - on the technically challenged side;)

My desire to blog won out, so off I went...determined to blog or bust.  I read, studied, & educated myself.  I watched lots of tutorials.  And after hours of searching for just the right template, I realized I didn't know what to do with it after I'd found it!  Just when my weariness was winning out, I said a prayer.  I asked for understanding...that somehow all this techie lingo would make sense.  And ya know, things just started turning around.  Between God & google, this blog has come together! 

My goal for this blog is to share of God's goodness and grace on our family.  I'm sure you'll hear a thing, or 3, about my handsome hubs & fantastic sons.  I hope to encourage ladies to embrace their high calling as wives & mothers, a subject which I'm most passionate about.  I'll share recipes & decorating tips...& I'm sure the subject of homeschooling will come every now & again.  Hopefully this will be a place that you enjoy visiting.  Come on in & stay a while.


  1. good idea sis angie..wish i could stay home and do the things i love to do like cooking cleaning teaching and loving my kids!!!..pray for us that we will be able for me to do that!!!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! What a beautiful family you have....or maybe I should say handsome! =) I've loved looking around your blog...will definitely be back....

  3. Angela: Praying for you & your situation.

    Jenifer: Thank you. I am enjoying it, for sure. After several months, I still have plenty to figure out, but I'm getting the hang of it alittle at a time;)

  4. Hi! Just found your blog today & I've really enjoyed reading your posts.

    btw - I think you're doing a great job with it!