Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pennington Gap, Virginia

I'd like to share some pictures of a place that's near & dear to my heart.
It's a place rich in my family history.
Not mine, in particular ... I didn't grow up here or even live here, but my mom did.
This is where her childhood story takes place.
She was born here & this is where she lived until she was a young adult.

This is Pennington Gap, Virginia ... & more specifically, Puckett's Creek.

I have several pictures to share, so kick back, relax, & enjoy the tour.
It will start as you are driving from town, nearing Puckett's Creek.
These are the landmarks that always stood out in my mind's eye as a child.
I would specifically look for these things & places ...
& I'd know we were close to Papaw & Grandma Ely's house.

Here is one of several springs coming right out of the side of the mountain.
We have stopped many times to fill up jugs of this cold, wonderful-tasting water ...
& would often have to wait in line as others would be doing the same.
{I'm not sure if it's all FDA approved - yidda yadda yahdda - I'm just telling ya that's what we did.
I never got sick from it & neither did anyone else I know, so ... ya.}

Now, the piece de resistance, Pennington Gap's claim to fame is right here, folks.
And let me tell ya, I never got tired of looking for it.
My face was always pressed against the window taking this in, coming & going.

On US Hwy 421, just north of Pennington Gap, is Stone Face Rock.
It's called a few other names besides.
One moniker is Man in the Mountain or Last Man in the Mountain.
I, however, grew up knowing it by another name entirely.
There's really no other way to tell ya ...than to just tell ya ...
It was called Ni**er Head Rock.
Even the collector items from back then were labeled with it's 'politically incorrect' name
{my mom has a clay collector jar as proof}.
Somewhere around the mid-1970s the name was changed & I am so glad it was.

Some have speculated perhaps it's an Indian-made monument, but geologists have determined
that it's a natural rock formation ... just happens to be in the shape of man's face.

Take a second & watch this video tour featuring Stone Face Rock.
You'll get an even better perspective from it.

Right as we got to our turn, the road that winds back into the holler along Puckett's Creek,
we noticed a new sign that said ELY PUCKETTS CREEK.
That's us ... we're the Ely's!
{My mom is the baby Ely girl ... last child, number 8, born to Daniel & Daisy Ely.}
That sign wasn't there all the years we traveled to Papaw & Grandma Ely's for summer vacation!
We were sure excited to see it.

I took a pic of this little old out-building right next to the sign.
It's floor is level to the roof of the building beside it.

Behind this grey house on the corner is where my Uncle Leander & Aunt Edna lived.
Leander & my Papaw Daniel were brothers ... & they married sisters, Aunt Edna & my Grandma Daisy.

And now we are officially entering 'the holler' ...Puckett's Creek.

Here's the church that, for as long as I can ever remember,
was & still is pastored by relatives of mine, Reverend Jim & Zuane Ewing.
As a kid, I never had to go to the bathroom when we attended services here ... never.
Know why?
No indoor toilet!
That was very common though.
For years that's all my grandparents had ... an outhouse.
I remember when their indoor bathroom was built, complete with a bathtub.
Oh, the things we take for granted.

Here, nestled in the trees, you can look close & see an old house or barn.
It's all overgrown ... just a sliver of a glimpse of what used to be.

These next photos are the saddest of all.
See, the foundation of all my Virginia memories were right here.
The house my mom grew up in once stood here.

The house caught on fire & suffered partial damage.
It probably could have been repaired, but a mining company wanted to buy the property.
After it was agreed upon to sell, the company tore down the house.
Here's what it looked like during the time my grandparents lived here.
In fact, that's me standing on the porch with my Grandma Ely.

This is the lower end of the property, what was commonly referred to as 'the bottom'.
Mom said this is where she played most often as a kid with her siblings.
She said they'd shoot marbles, play hide & seek, make up games using their imaginations,
& play with whatever nature provided.
Simple times, simple lives.

This is one of my favorite shots ... this is the bridge that crossed over to where the animals were kept.
It's directly across the road from the house.

Although there were always a wide array of old junky cars littered up & down the holler,
there were never any over in this area.
Papaw didn't have a lot of animals, but there were usually a few ... a horse or two, a cow,
lots of chickens & ducks.
There were always hogs, but they were kept in the 'bottom', at the far end.

The bridge goes across Puckett's Creek.
This, my friends, was my daily activity, the highlight of my summer vacation - playing in the creek.

We'd wade up & down, not too far, & always watching out for snakes.
My favorite activity:  catching 'minners' ... that's right, minners.
I was several years older before I realized that they were properly called 'minnows'!
Dad would cut the front part off a milk jug, leaving the handle to hold on to.
I'd scoop into the water & see how many minners I could come up with.
Hours of fun.

Can you see the silver fencing in the photo below?
I remember the summer that was put along the sides of the creek.
Large rocks were hauled in to build up the creek bank & the fencing to hold the rocks in place.
And, I remember how bad the backs of my little legs hurt when I slipped & slid 
down the fencing all the way into the creek.
I, of course, had a dress on & my bare legs were torn up so bad that I could barely sit down for days.
This ties with one other event as the most painful experiences in VA.
The other was when I got the chicken pox while we were visiting on summer vacation.
They tried every old wives tale under the sun to try & relieve me from the icky itchy chicken pox.
I was the guinea pig, but I'll spare you the details. 

This barn was at one end of my grandparent's property, standing between them & their neighbor, Bud.
In all the years of visiting, this barn was never opened, not once.
I was always SO curious as to what was in there.
Course, on my recent visit, one door & window was missing ...
& I just had to hop out of the car & peek inside.
Well, sort of.
My peeking was from the edge of the road only.
It was drilled into my head as a child to stay out of the tall grass
cause there were so many rattlesnakes & copperheads...
a rule I still abide by.

I think my love of old barns started young & this one contributed largely to it.

And this was Bud's house.
He passed away several years ago, but it looks like someone is currently living here.
We would walk the beaten path from Grandma's to Bud's many times during the day ...
only to pester him, of course.
My cousin, Darla & I, would make up silly songs about Bud & we'd go down, 
stand below his porch, & sing to him.
He was probably glad to see us go back home ;)

I was never allowed to go into his house, but once I had to go to the door to deliver a message 
to him from my Grandma.
His telephone was hanging on the wall near the door & I could barely believe my eyes when I saw 
that he had written phone numbers in pencil directly on the wall! 
To a little girl, that was big news to run back & tell mom ;)

On down the road are a variety of rural scenery, all which set my mind to wondering.
Does someone live there?
If not, where'd they go ... what's inside?

 Love the clothesline in this pic.

And I saved my favorite picture for last.
I adore this old building.
The shape of it, the porch, the mix of colors ... what's not to love?

Now that we've reached the end of this somewhat long & picture-laden tour,
I can't help but be a bit sad to wrap it up.
I wish I could share a pic of every single place in Pennington Gap that holds a special place in my heart.
I feel like I've left out only about a million details & stories, all playing a part in forming who I am today.
Seems like I haven't done it justice.

All the pics featured on this blog were taken on May 15, 2012.
My sister & I rode together to attend the funeral of my favorite uncle, John Merlin,
lovingly known as Uncle Mert.
{All my uncles were favorites in one way or another.}
Before the funeral, we just had to head to Puckett's Creek.
We just couldn't stay away.
Lisa & I had a great time going down memory lane together.

Although we don't get down here often, I wish I could, not only when one of my uncles or aunts pass away.
James had never visited before we were married, so a few years back, our whole family came down
so he & the boys could visit all the places I know & love.

For my mom, it's not a place she cares to visit too often ... & I can understand why.
Her parents are now gone, the last of her siblings that lived on Puckett's Creek is gone,
the home she grew up in is gone.
She chooses to treasure the memories rather than revisit a portion of her life that is gone, closed, over.
For me, I see the beauty of history ... the intrigue of the past.
I flash back to the memories of my childhood & cherish them, each & every one.

“It has shown me that everything is illuminated in the light of the past.
It is always along the side of us...on the inside, looking out.”
― Jonathan Safran Foer

“How many people long for that "past, simpler, and better world," I wonder, without ever recognizing
the truth that perhaps it was they who were simpler and better, and not the world about them?”
― R.A. Salvatore

Doesn't seem right to close this post without a pic of my grandparents,
Daniel & Daisy Ely.

I blogged once before about Pennington Gap.
If you didn't have a chance to read it, click here Tin Roof Memories.

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  1. I loved seeing the precious pictures and memories of Puckett's Creek, I Share those memories. I feel blessed to have such wonderful relatives as the Ely family. My uncle Daniel and aunt Daisy was very special to me , and the memories are still so wonderful to me. Thank You for sharing the pictures. From: Sarah Elizabeth Fultz - Maiden name-Parsons- my mom was Dorothy Parsons [ Daniel's sister]

    1. I am SO glad you enjoyed my blog, Sarah. Looks like we are cousins! I remember Aunt Dorothy very well, but it's been so long since I've seen anyone that I'm afraid there's many cousins I don't know. I wish it wasn't that way. Pennington Gap & our precious family heritage is a treasure for us all. Wonderful memories, for sure. Thank you so much for commenting.

  2. thank you for sharing the precious pictures of Puckett's Creek and of uncle Daniel and aunt Daisy Ely, very special memories From: Sarah Elizabeth Fultz-maiden name-[Parsons]

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thank you for sharing your memories from Pennington Gap,VA. My father's family is from Dryden,VA which is a stone's throw outside of Pennington Gap. My grandparent were Homer & Irene (Renee) Crawford. My grandparents moved to Woodway in the early 1970's. My father moved to North Carolina in 1967. I would spend a week or two each summer with my grandmother. I cherish those summer memories spent with my grandmother. I can't wait to share your blog post with my dad. From: Kendra Crawford Mathis

    1. I am so happy you commented, sharing your connection to Pennington Gap! It made my day. Aren't we blessed to have experienced such a sweet place? Memories to treasure for a lifetime. I hope your dad enjoys the pics.

  5. What a fun trip & the old buildings are amazing - even to one who doesn't share the lovely memories you have! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Glad you stopped by & enjoyed the pics.

  6. Beautiful photos! :) I'm visiting from the Better Mom link-up. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Thank you so much! I am very happy you stopped by to visit =)

  7. Thank you for introducing me to Pennington Gap and letting me have some insight into your memories. What a wonderful childhood to have being able to play in the creek. I've just found your blog and loved your post. You set out your journey so well and held me captive right through until the end...I wanted to carry on reading (and I shall with your past posts!). I went around London last week with the same sort of thoughts in my head about my Grandad and how he taught me so much walking around while East London was being pulled down and new buildings were being put up. Our Grandparents are so precious and so missed when they are gone. Take care. Chel x

    1. WOW! This is what I LOVE about blogging. You get to meet & learn about people from far away places! Your comment absolutely made my day ...it really did! I am so happy you enjoyed reading & looking at pics of a place so dear to my heart. You are right ...grandparents are one of life's greatest treasures! {ps...I headed over to your blog & I'm your newest follower. I LOVED looking at your pics!!}

  8. Mollie Yvette Ely WallaceJune 6, 2013 at 4:34 PM

    We share a lot of the same memories. We are related as well. My grandma was Edna Rebecca Cooper Ely. Which was Daisy Ely's Sister. We are so blessed to have had all of these WONDERFUL people in our life.
    Mollie Yvette Ely Wallace- Charles Randall Bea Ely's Daughter.

    1. It's been nice to meet up with some of my cousins through this blog post! I remember Aunt Edna very well, even though I was a little girl. I can see how her personality & Grandma Ely's was similar ... as was Uncle Leander's & Grandpa Ely's.
      I only wish that I understood then what I understand now ...what great heritage we have. Blessed, for sure!

  9. I have always been told my father Charles Baylor Haynes was from Pennington Gap Virginia. Yet I really do not know. My father and his brother for which I do not know his name were orphaned as young boys here in 1921 or so as their mother died, and well his own father could not take care of 2 young boys. His father was much older then his birth mother 30 years difference. I don't understand much of the story as my father died in 1975 when I was 12. I just wanted to seek out this city today. As today, I woke from a dream of my father....I don't see him very often in my dreams, but when I do, I feel it means something to me. Thanks for sharing your story and pics of dad's place of birth.

    1. It would be nice if you could go to the library or access birth records for Pennington Gap & follow the info that you could possibly find there to fill in some of the details for you. I'm sure it is very special when you dream about him. I am so glad you found the blog & enjoyed reading it. It's such a sweet place ... I'd say if you ever visited there, you'd find the people most friendly & willing to help you with your inquiries. Post back & let me know if you find out anything.

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  11. I was pleased to find your blog. My name is Bill Long. My Grandparents were Pete and Mae Long. Their place still stands up on top of the hill that rises above the holler. My Uncle Tom Long and Helen Peters (brother and sister) still live up there. The last name Ely is very familiar. My Grandmother was a Parsons and she attended the church you spoke of. I attended her funeral there.

    we always stopped at Cold Spring for a drink. Your description of watching for Stone Face was de ja vu for me. The funeral director pulled a plate out of a closet when we met with him prior to my grandmother's service. It was memorabilia from another day with the original name of Stone Face imprinted on it. Do you remember the cafe that burned down that was across the street from Stone Face? I still remember it was named
    ______ Head Cafe.

    Anyway, I share many of your memories. I need to get back down for a visit with my uncle and aunt. Life just crowds out the really important things you need to do. The Tyranny of The Urgent.

    Thanks for your labor of love.
    BTW, google Claude Ely. There is a Bio on him. I wasn't familiar with him, but he recorded a couple of classic musical recordings that set the standard for the Church of God Holiness Pentecostal musical tradition.
    God bless.

    1. I LOVE getting these random, unexpected comments on this blog about Pennington Gap, a place so dear to my heart! It makes me smile. I will tell my mom your name & about your comment & see if she remembers your folks.

      As for the cafe, I faintly remember something there, but can't distinguish whether it was a memory of a cafe or of the station that stands there now. I'll have to see what year the place burnt down.

      As for Claude Ely, funny thing you mention him ... he's my uncle! He's the oldest son/child from Daniel & Daisy Ely, my grandparents. He passed away when I was five, but oh what a memory he left {with anyone he met} with my. He was such a huge personality & left such a legacy behind. My mom, his youngest sister, traveled & sang with him for several years & is on a few of his recordings. She went on to teach us to sing & play instruments, as she still does herself at the age of 75.

      Blessings to you & your family, Bill.
      I'm so happy you found the blog & left me a comment!

    2. My mother grew up in Pennington Gap. Her name was Mary Turner (Carroll). She was married to Pete Carroll. I still have a few cousins that live there. You can contact me at Cookieyoder@gmail.com if you want to learn more about my family. Pennington is a beautiful place. I remember going there when I was small to visit my mothers family. We had cousin that lived by the bridge on Pucketts Creek. We could set on the front porch of there house and look up at Stone Face Mt.

    3. These comments from people about Pennington Gap always make my day! I will tell my mom about your mom -- she may have known her. I agree, it's such a pretty place & full of wonderful memories. This weekend is the Ely reunion & I am looking forward to seeing the remaining aunts/uncle/cousins. Course, it's not the same as when it was held at the old home place, but thankful for the time we get to spend together, no matter where it held. Thank you for stopping by & leaving a comment.

    4. Hello I was born and raised there and my grandparents were Willie and pearl Holmes and my parents are John and Martha White and me and my brother John White went to keokee high school and he went to Lee high school too.
      My uncles Billy ( Sherlock) Holmes and CB Holmes and all of my cousins went to keokee high school too and Lee high school too.
      So I didn't leave keokee until I was 35 years old and then got married and now I live in Kentucky.
      I do visit but not often.

  12. you mentioned Claude Ely and that struck a cord. I went to the church on Puckett's Creek when he preached there. It was a log cabin style then. I was very young but he was a great preacher and singer. I have one of his original 78's of "there ain't no grave---. I went down into Kentucky to one of his revivals when I lived in Ohio. We had awful good church services back then.

    1. Oh, I would love to have attended there when it was a log cabin church! The thing that stands out most to me was having to use the outhouse cause there was no indoor toilets! Guess that solved one problem: running unnecessarily to the bathroom during church! LOL. As for that record, it's one of my favorites. Claude Ely's little great grandson just sang "There Ain't No Grave" at our family reunion last weekend. The song/memories live on.

  13. I am so happy to have found your blog. My maiden name was Pennington. I have tried to track down information about my grandfather &great-grandfather with out much luck ,I was hopefull to be able to find old grave yards or what ever information I could when I go to pennington gap--for it is on my bucket list of things to do. Can you tell me if you know how it got the name ?

    1. The town was named after Edward Pennington in 1890. He was an early settler there. I didn't know this info, but a cousin, Mitch Ewing, found this info & actually shared a pic of the historical marker that's posted in town. I hope you are able to find the info you are looking for =)
      And funny thing, Pennington is my married name!

    2. Edward "Neddie" Pennington was born in Wilkes, NC 1769 and died in Virginia 1860. His parents were Micah Pennington (born in England) and Rachel Jones Pennington. He married Martha Patsy Mannery Pennington. He had a son named David Pennington, who had a son named John Pennington, who had a daughter named Martha Noe Pennington. She had a daughter named Rebecca Noe Grable, who married John P. Grable and they had a son named William Clarence Grable in 1901. He is my Grandfather. I hope this helps.

    3. I also am related to an Ely by the first name Elizabeth, born 1846 - 1911. She married Jacob Grable and they had a son named John P. Grable, who married Rebecca Noe (daughter of Albert Noe and Martha Pennington Noe). So, interesting enough the Pennington's are related to the Ely's through marriage. I am a direct decendent of both. Elizabeth is buried in Lee County, VA's Bethel Churchyard Cemetery.

  14. This is so neat to read about Pennington Gap. I am a direct descendant of Edward Pennington. The pictures are so neat! I have never been to Virginia but now it is def. on my bucket list. My 3rd great grandmother is Francis Ely Reasor Collier. She was from Turkey Cove. Any relation?

    1. Wow, Rebecca! So happy to have you visit & leave a comment, esp since you are a direct descendant! And about visiting, yes, you definitely HAVE to make a visit there! As for your 3rd great grandmother, I don't know if we're related but would sure be interested to find out!

  15. I grew up on Pucketts Creek. Maiden name was Robinson, a family of 21. Our home originally belonged to a Parson family. The house had a wrap around porch and sat in a curve but later was torn down and the road was straighten. We were not related to anyone but my brother married one of Pete and Mae Long's daughter's, Loretta. We loved all the family's that lived there. The Longs, Parsons, Cooper's, Ewings, Parks, Ridings, Kegleys, Johnsons, and especially the Ely's. Our house was just up the road from Claude's on the other side of the road. I used to stand in a chair when I was a little girl and watch his son Roger playing outside. He would tie Claude's dogs to a little sled and they would pull him all over the hill. Our favorite times were when Claude would come home and he would come visit my Dad and to the little church and he would preach and sing.(Ain't No Grave and I'm
    a Child of The King) Memories I will never forget. Oh the stories I could tell. Everyone is still so precious to me even though I hardly see anyone anymore. Love this pic and blog. Vivian

    1. I love these comments so much. Each time I see a notification, I'm excited to read what someone has shared. I always tell mom about who has written in & shared their story of Pennington Gap. I love yours about the dog pulling Roger on the sled! Sounds like you have a treasure trove of memories for sure. Thank you for commenting -- Take care.

  16. Awesome Angie! I just re-read this for about the fifth time! It brings back a lot of memories from way back when you all would come down to visit Daniel and Daisy. My fondest memories of their house was drinking from the pail of cold water in their kitchen and being scared to go around the house...because of Redface or whatever it was they called the monster who lived back there!
    I enjoy your blogs and pics!

    1. This comment absolutely made my day! That pail of cold water & the silver dipper that would always be SO cold is one of my best memories too. That & the cat clock on the kitchen wall that moved it's eyes & tail ;) Course, as you mentioned, Redface! I don't think I ever fell asleep without wondering if he was creeping around & would come in & steal me at night! LOL. Again, thank you so much for your kind words. Means so much.

  17. Came across your blog and was wondering if some how we might be related? My grandfather is Andrew Jackson Ely some of his children names are Mary Billy Ann JB Freda. Love the post about Pennington Gap so trying to get there and visit where my mother grew up! I have one of grandfathers old checks that has a picture of that exact rock. Please email me at seeloretta@ yahoo.com and let me know. Thanks

    1. Somehow I am just seeing this comment! So sorry for the delay. I will talk to my momma & find out. Thank you so much for visiting!

  18. This reminds me so much of the 'Ol' Homeplace' in southeastern Kentucky that just reading about it left a knot in my throat! Loved it. Thanks so much for sharing today. Now I'm dying to take a trip to the mountains...

    1. Something pretty special about the south. I'm so glad to have precious memories, especially from when I was a kid. Hope you make it to the mountains soon <3

  19. I just got chills looking at these pictures. I thought the creek was a huge bank that we would have to climb down.Looking at in now it looks as if you could just step into it. Oh how things seem to shrink when we grow older. I have such great memories of Grandma and Grandpa's place. It was like you got to step back in time when you went there. It was such a great get away. I so looked forward to getting to see you in the Summer. I remember the creek, which was my favorite,next to singing to Bud ;) We sure had some good times :) Lighting bugs, rhubarb pie, and rocking chairs <3 Thanks for sharing Angela. I will look for more pictures at my Moms to share with you :)

    1. We've got such strong emotions tied to the old home place & the people that we loved so dear, don't we? It's just a part of who we are...& I wouldn't change one single thing. I remember coming to play with you at the restaurant in town too. That was always big fun to take a trip into town ;) If you come across pictures, I would love to see them!

  20. Found this because I googled Puckett's Creek, which I was searching because I was reading about Claude Ely, and the whole search started because I have his CD and was listening to it while shoveling out the most recent two feet of snow we just got here in Boston. Great warm and powerful music for the freezing cold and snow we have right now. Ive never been to the mountains down there but would love to see it, and the pictures are really cool. Also very neat to hear a firsthand account by his niece!

    1. Wow! How incredibly interesting! Listening to my Uncle Claude while shoveling snow in Boston!! {I've seen on the news about all the relentless snow your area has been hit with.} Sounds like a good music choice to me! Now, if you don't mind my asking, how did you come about having a cd of his? Just wondering if it was random or if there's a connection somewhere. So very happy you commented =)

  21. Greetings! I found my way to your blog via another story of a story or another story (lol) about old log cabins. Anyhow, your memories of Pennington Gap brought so much back for me. I am nearly 40 and I have been through Pennington Gap many times mostly as a kid though. I grew up in Ohio but nearly every summer our family would head for the Appalachian's and spend time in KY, TN eventually making our way to Richmond VA to visit my favorite great Aunt & Uncle. Anyhow, my mom Linda Ruth Howard (Harris) was born in Pennington Gap to Clell Dudley Howard and Hazel Ruth Carter Howard. My grandpa worked in the coal mines, but eventually moved his family to Indianapolis when my mom was about 10. Anyhow, I remember my dad would always stop at the spring-fed pipe jutting out of the mountain where we would refill our glass bottles of Grape Ne-hi (which back then you couldn't get Grape Ne-hi in Ohio). Our station wagon did not have A/C so we would stop for good while at the pipe to play and cool down. Like you, my mom never wanted to stop and visit as most relatives had died or moved away. She had a smattering of cousins still there. My great grandma was Celia Mae Cooper (Howard) and she was married to William Henderson Howard. He is buried in Cooper-Parsons Cemetery along with many other near and distant relatives (I cannot recall right now but somewhere in there we are related to Chadwell Ewing as well). Anyhow, I know the mountains are in my blood (between my mom's side and my dad's side...his side was from Harvard KY), and I always have a longing to return to my roots. Also, I vaguely remember the one time my dad convinced my mom to actually stop and visit family was after I think my uncle Delmer has died. We found the house my mom lived in, long abandoned and buried deep in the thick kudzu. We walked up the hillside to what I think was Cooper-Parsons Cemetery but I am not sure. I just remember the grass being tall and my dad telling us to watch out for snakes. We also stop at someone's house...old friend's of my grandpa Clell I think. We sat on their porch and drank lemonade and ate biscuits and helped snip green beans. I remember this family being so poor but didn't hesitate to share what they had. Anyhow, sorry for the long post. Perhaps we'll find we are too related!

    1. I cannot express just how much I enjoy getting these comments ... people sharing their stories & love for Puckett's Creek/Pennington Gap!! It absolutely makes my day. I've got to share all this with mom. She'll love hearing all the new info too.

      My grandma Daisy was a Cooper ... and we are related to 'Parsons' too. My grandpa Daniel worked in the coal mines, as did several of my relatives. Such hard work to provide for their families. We have a large group of family in & around the Indianapolis area -- my mom {Shirley June} & her sister {my Aunt Wathina} & lots of their children/grandchildren are here or in the surrounding area.

      I wouldn't be surprised one bit to find out we are distantly related.
      Thank you again for stopping in to visit & leaving such a detailed comment.
      I'll read it all to mom & she'll enjoy it.

    2. How wonderful! Are you down towards Indy or are you over in VA? I have made the tri-state circle...born in Indy, moved to Ohio when I was around 4 grew up/schooled in Ohio. Moved to Michigan for my job, met my husband (who was from northern Indiana) and thus we moved from Michigan to Indiana after we married. My immediate family is still in OH but still have some relatives down in/around Indy area. My dad laughs at me because growing up and having to travel from OH to IN every single holiday, birthday, etc, and finding it to me the drudgery of my youth I always said "I will NEVER live in Indiana." Lol! And yet, here I am. Now, if I could just move some of them ol' mountains my way...

    3. Came across this blog today. Your mother and I are first cousins. My dad,Bernie, is your grandpa Clell's youngest brother. I'm sure we have met long ago but it's been many years since I've seen your family.

  22. Just read the blog from 5/20/15 about Hazel Carter and Clell Howard; Hazel's mother was Minnie Ewing Carter my father's sister; he was Coy Ewing; he was cousin to Daisy Ely; My sister Aliene and I are the two remaining in his family; so glad to read your blog and always look for news from Angela and her family; Keep writing, I get homesick for ely pucketts creek and all my lost family.

    1. Hello & I'm so glad you are here & left a comment! I will share the comment with mom! You keep coming back to visit. I will try to include some pictures of mom & some extended family soon!

  23. Yes, that is correct! Minnie Ewing was my great great grandmother. I never met her, and sadly I never met my grandma Hazel neither as she died of cancer 3 months before I was born. My mom reveals little about her family roots, so I have tried for years on my own to piece together the Ewing-Carter side of my family. One the most precious thing I own is a quilt, hand-sewn by my grandma Hazel and my great grandpa (Celie Mae Cooper Howard). It's a beautiful wedding ring quilt with pieces flour sacks, my mom's dresses and baby blankets, my grandpa Clell's denim shirts he wore to the mine, old aprons and tablecloths. I keep it in my cedar chest for safe-keeping. I did some reading the other day to refresh my memory of the Ewing connection and Chadwell Ewing was Minnie's father I believe. He died in 1945 in a mining accident when a piece of slate hit him in the head. I think Cora Lee Kirk Ewing was Chadwell's wife. So nice to hear from distant family indeed! You can email me at lmcooper04@yahoo.com.

    1. That quilt sounds like a treasure indeed! Wow. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Angela I am back on from Tennessee; your blog, even though it may be one sentence makes my day brighter; May God bless you and your lovely family; Have a blessed day; love your ? 2-3-4 cousin

    1. Aw ... what a sweet compliment! I'm glad for every time you visit the blog. I am curious to know if we are related ;)

  25. Here goes; Mary Ewing Cooper was your great grandmother; she, of course is the mother of Daisy and Edna; she was my grandfather Chad's sister; therefore your mother Shirley June?Marie is my second cousin, so you are my third cousin in that lineage; however; there is more if I can get it right; my grandmother cora kirk ewing, wife of Chad had an aunt named mildred kirk who married your great great grandfather; so mildred kirk was my great great aunt through my grandmother cora kirk ewing; I do not know or haven't found any relationship between the elys and ewings but I am sure there is some somewhere . I wish I could use facebook so we could relate more but I have really done a mess of my facebook by losing my password?I really mean forgot. appreciate you again and really enjoy you; thank god for you and your blessed familyl love shelby ewing stamper

    1. Yes - my mother is Shirley =) Thank you for the explanation on who is related to who! LOL

  26. Back again; made mistake in calculation; after talking with shirley grant in indy, she corrected me; you are our fourth cousin; love ya

  27. Happy 4th of July 2014 Angela and family; enjoyed your post of 7/2/15; just wanted to let you know I am still thinking of you and your family and wishing you all the very best; also, I have to always look at Daisy and Daniel's picture; they were loved so much. Shelby Ewing Stamper july 4,2015 lol

  28. Angela and family, happy july 4th, 2015; Enjoyed your blog of July 2, 2015; Always thinking of you and your family andwishing you well and have to look at Daniel and Daisy every time; they are loved; lol shelby stamper

    1. Hello there, Shelby =) So glad you are stopping by to visit. Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend too. Do you live in Virginia?

  29. Ang...Just noticed all these "Ewings" posting here and dropping some names with which I am familiar..i.e. Chad, Coy, etc. My grandpa was Paul Ewing and from what I understand he had brothers named Chad, Creed, and several others. I think there were 9 in family and grandpa was the youngest. They originated in Pucketts Creek also.

    1. James M. Ewing was married twice: 1st to Kessiah Cora Jones; 2nd to Nervesta (Kirk)Templeton / Ewing. Mary (Ewing) Cooper and Chad Ewing were the children of Kessiah and Creed was the son of Nervesta. Yes, between the 2 wives, James M. Ewing had a very large family.

  30. Hi Ang. My Dad Larson Ely was son of Jess and Mary. I believe Jess was brother to Leander and Daniel. My dad has a sister Zuane who you mentioned in your blog and a brother Ezra who sadly passed away last week.
    I remember going here as a kid. Brings back wonderful memories.

    1. Hi Phyllis! I have loved meeting all these distant relatives all because of this blog post!! SO rewarding! We heard of Ezra's passing. Zuane is one of my very favorites. She & my mom have always been close. Thank you for stopping in & for commenting!! Sorry it took me so long to reply!

  31. My wife's hometown. We're here mom and dad met. Baumgardner

  32. Hello !! The pictures are great! My mawmaw was from a hollor up in keokee , we use to go to cold sprigs alot when I was a kid to catch drinking water! Her name was Wanda Crane I miss her so ! These pictures broght back alot of memories ! My neice is an Ely and their family is from St. Charles maybe a distant relative??? 😊 anyways thank you for the pictures ! #MEMORIES

  33. My Dad, Ezra Ely, was born in St. Charles, VA. He has 2 siblings, Zuane Ewing and Larson Ely. Lots of Ely’s, Cooper’s, Ewing’s and Parson’s from the St. Charles/Pennington Gap area. Rich with history.

  34. I couldn't refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!