Thursday, July 5, 2012

DIY with Dollar Tree Plates

So, you get white plates & you write on them.
It's seriously that easy.
And it makes a big impact for a cheapo price.

Items needed:  white porcelain plate, sharpie marker, & an oven.

I decided to make these plates for our twin sons graduation open house.

I picked up the plates at the Dollar Tree ... yep, for $1 each.
The sharpie {& oven}, I already had.

I needed 3 of these to use on a triple plate server for the pulled pork sandwiches
I was serving.

I decided to choose words relevant to our celebration ... 
so I went with words like 'accomplishment, congratulations, pencil, test, 
study,  perseverance, smart, exams, etc.
After I finished with all my words, I baked these for 30 minutes at 250 degrees.

Aren't these super cute?
Now, for one negative thing.
I washed these by hand ... & two of the plates did great.
However, the writing started to wash off the third!
Kind of odd.

So, my recommendation is to use a sharpie marker that is specifically for porcelain.
I'm going to try this again on a mug with the porcelain marker & I'll be sure to report back
on the result.

None the less, I was really pleased with the outcome of this cheapy DIY.

I'll post pics of these on the triple plate server {& other pics of the open house} soon.


  1. They provided such a personal touch to your decor. Love, love, love this idea. Tammy

  2. I love this idea! Great for birthdays, anniversaries, every special occasion.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thank you, Tammy, Jody & Stan =)
    I'm sure I'll be doing this again to give as a gift cause they're just too neat not to.

  4. What is Generations academy? Is that the name of your homeschool?

  5. I've done this a couple of times and never had the problem with it washing off by hand... hmmm interesting tip with the porcelain marker though. I'm making a set for a wedding soon... I'll have to look into that

    Marissa @

  6. Visiting your blog for the first time from Time Warp Wife. I love it! I have never seen this DIY project before. I'll be trying this next year when my daughter graduates. Great idea!


  7. Thank you for the visit & comments, ladies =) You can't beat the impact of this dyi, considering the price.

  8. What a lovely idea! And you do have a nice handwriting! Love your blog,

  9. Thank you, Dorothy!! So glad you stopped by & enjoyed my blog!

  10. I can see why this is a fav or 2012. I have pinned it! Thanks for linking up to The Best of 2012 Link Party! Diana

  11. Angela,
    Found you on Sew Many Ways this morning and have been reading backward from your latest posts. I am so thrilled that you linked up and I'm able to read about your life. I am certainly enjoying the lessons you share! Thank you!
    Ann Marie

  12. I am so glad you came over for a visit, Ann Marie. Always happy for a new blog friend.

  13. I am interested in doing the same thing with a recipe from my grandmother (passed) for family as gifts, but I want to use her writing. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?? Thanks!!