Tuesday, October 12, 2010

25 Things About Me

1.  I am married to my soulmate - we met when we were 15, married when we were 18 (my, we were young!) & have been married for 19 years!
2.  Found out at 9 weeks into our 1st pregnancy that we were expecting twins (boys) - what an exciting time, from then to now (they're almost 16).
3.  When our twins were a few months shy of turning 3, God gave us another son...yep, 3 boys under the age of 3! (he's now 13)
4.  My husband is a visionary man, Godly & passionate, leading us daily in family worship & discipling us in God's word.  He is the pastor of our family.
5.  He is also the BEST gift-giver ever (I could go on & on here but I'll save it for a future blog)!!
6.  I was a 'surprise' blessing to my parents, coming along 10 years after my sister.
7.  I have one brother, 12 yrs older than me...& he rescued me from falling into our basement when I was just a toddler.
8.  I gave my heart to Jesus when I was 7, kneeling at a folding chair in Connersville, IN (my dad was preaching a weekend meeting).
9.  I love to sing & play the piano...our sons now sing 3 part harmony, all can play the piano, 2 play the bass & acoustic guitar, & 1 plays the drums.
10.  I am a list maker!!  (I have several lists going at all times)
11.  I am very conscientious - lover of etiquette & social grace.
12.  Organization makes life easier, thus my tidy closets & drawers;)  A place for everything & everything in it's place...those are words that I live by =)
13.  I suffer from slight road rage.
14.  My parents are top-notch...taught me to love God, be faithful to church & not eat the bread of idleness (all of which I'm incredibly grateful).
15.  I collect cookbooks...& boy, do I ever LOVE to cook!!  (my 4 guys are sooo spoiled)

16.  OK, I admit, I love food too & for that reason, I am faithful to Weight Watchers...sigh....
17.  If I were independently wealthy, I would travel, travel, travel!
18.  Did I ever tell you that I love to travel?  Oh, & did I mention how much I love Charleston, South Carolina?  (that's a very important tidbit!)
19.  I hate that texting, albeit limited, & FB has caused me to give in to the abbreviating culture...the internet slang that  I so dislike =(
20.  I love to decorate my home (unique pieces, flea-market finds, shabby chic...yay!)
21.  I love watching my sons mature into young men...seeing their individual personalities taking shape.  Children are indeed a blessing.
22.  One of my greatest regrets is that we didn't have more children (I always thought how neat it would've been to have a second set of twins!)
23.  I am content beyond my wildest dreams.
24.  My favorite scripture is Psalm 68:19 - "Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation."
25.  I'm thinking it's pretty incredible, this whole blogosphere thing, AND that you've come by for a visit! Love & prayers to each one of you!


  1. Loving your blogs!!!! There's one word that describes the way I feel after reading them. CHALLENGED!!!