Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seasonal Decor ~ Fall 2011

I love decorating for fall ... almost more than for Christmas.
It is my favorite season, after all, & our home sorta looks fallish year round...
I hardly have to even try.
From room to room, our walls are varying colors of leaves ...
tan, brown, yellow, orange.
We have some weathered wood, a chippy window pane or two, a few antiques
& some shabby chic.
Throw in a scarecrow, some leaves & acorns, & an orange pumpkin or two
& VIOLA ... fall decor!

I completed a couple fall projects that I am crazy in love with & I wanted to share
them on my little blog.
Believe me, I am keenly aware that I am in desperate need of a new camera ...
& some photography skills!
Hope those two little issues won't cause you to run away in horror.

I'll start with my favorite decor first.

Oh my goodness ... I LOVE how this turned out!
Years ago, I saw a similar concept in a magazine {no, I can't take credit} & I knew
that someday I'd have to do this!
Believe it or not, I bought this frame at a flea market {for $5} about 3 or 4 yrs ago
& it's sat in my garage until a month ago.
It's an old, antique frame & had more of a yellow patina.
I went back & forth on whether to paint it or leave it.
In the end, I did a light spray painting of heirloom white & it's absolutely what
I envisioned!

Boy, did I go crazy with spray paint that week.
I decided the brown porcelain pumpkins needed a face lift too.
The heirloom white paint worked perfectly.

I wanted to incorporate burlap into my decorating scheme this season.
I was hoping I could find some old, used burlap instead of buying it at the fabric store.
Anytime I am decorating, I have several flea markets that I like to hit up in hopes of
finding just the pieces I need.
This time around was no exception.
I found this old burlap for $5.50.
All the other items on my mantle  piano are pieces I already had here & there
throughout the house.

As for the star of the show, these gorgeous leaves, Riley & I gathered them at a local park.
Aren't they spectacular?!
I used these tiny clothes pins that I had purchased for another project ...
& some twine I already had & in a matter of minutes, I had this completed.
I think this will now be a fall-decor 'must have' for years to come.

Here's another really simple, yet 'totally in love with' decorating idea.
And yes, I take full credit for this one ;)
Maybe someone has done this one already, but I've never seen it.
I was brainstorming on what to put in the bottom of my incredible large
vase/candle holder thingie.
During winter, I fill it with pine cones & leave out the candle.
I wanted to use the candle though & wanted something fallish to give it some height.
I was using some Indian corn for another project when the light bulb came on ...
I bought 2 bags at the grocery store & look at how neat this is?!

This is sitting on my dining room table {I'll show the rest of the dining room in a later post}.
I sat the vase in an old wreath I've had for forever & tied some raffia around the middle.

I do have one more new fave ... something I've never done before, ever.
But since this post is getting lengthy {I have the gift of gab}, I'll save it for tomorrow.
I'll give ya a little hint though.

Stay tuned!


  1. You're motivating me to finish the half-done fall decorating on my front porch! Gotta get to that... And I absolutely love the burlap! It adds the perfect touch of autumn warmth, I think!

  2. I am the same way! I love Fall and Fall colors so the house is pretty much Fall looking all year round anyway. It is my favorite decorating time too :) More than any other season or holiday. This year as I do my regular shopping I poke around to see if there's any new Fall decorations I might like - forget it it's all Halloween. I did hear that Halloween is making more $$$ all the time but I didn't think it would be hard to find things without the scary stuff. *Sigh* Anyway I love your 'framed' leaves and the centerpiece!

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  4. I just may take you up on this. I could use a blog makeover!! LOL
    Hope things are going well with your new adventure.

  5. Thanks, Tanya & Helen!
    Hope you are having a ball this fall =)