Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List

Happy 1st day of summer, y'all!!


I do lists very well.
There's just something about the simple act of writing things down on a piece of paper.
I feel compelled to perform each & every task ... all for the shear joy of marking it off!
OK, not ganna lie, I enjoy the sense of accomplishment too, but oh how I like marking things off my list.

So, in the spirit of my mad list-making skills ... coupled with the fact that today is the 1st day of summer,
I thought a 2013 Summer Bucket List was in order.
Woot Woot!

Annnd ... I'm already feeling quite accomplished cause I've already got one thing to mark off the list.
Yep, I'm starting this summer off right by buying myself a new pair of sunglasses!

I crack myself up that I actually walked out of the store with a pair of throwback glasses,
quite reminiscent of my high school years.
{Actually, there's a whole of things that are in fashion at the moment that are straight
 from the late 80s - early 90s ...ha, it's kinda funny.}
Anyhoo, I kinda liked these golden glasses.
I think they are the perfect start to the summer, right?

And while I was going all glasses glam, I talked myself into a second pair.
These were purchased solely for the purpose of not taking myself, or life for that matter, too seriously.
Yept, I bought a pair of 'intelligent' specs.
Back in the day, I had a couple pair of 'attitude' glasses ...
& here I find myself buying yet another pair all these years later.
I'm calling them 'intelligent' glasses this time around cause they are all smart & nerdy looking.

I took these silly pics & messaged them to James ... I figured he needed an afternoon laugh ;)

In my usual list-making fashion, I want desperately to write this purchase on my bucket list
just so I can mark it off.
I'll refrain though ... I'll refrain.
Wouldn't want you all to see how crazy I really am.

Now, onto the summer fun!
James & I came up with this list & we are ganna try our hardest to mark off as many things
as possible & have tons of fun in the process.
You know how summer goes, here & gone before you know it.
Hopefully this will encourage us to take advantage of every evening & weekend available
 to pack it full of memories.

Here's what we came up with:

buy new sunglasses
amusement park
camping either in our travel trailer or rent a cabin
Gene's Hot Dog & Root Beer Stand .... & Frazier's
drive through Falls Park & visit all our old stomping grounds in Anderson/Pendleton
fireworks/Fourth of July parade
explore downtown Indy
eat at 3 new restaurants
swim at my sisters every time she invites me over
paint the lower bathroom & laundry room
sit on the porch/patio & read as many mornings as possible
go to the state fair
eat fresh!
drink lots of iced tea
lose 20 pounds
sew more on my sewing machine
play putt-putt
grill often
eat dinner on the patio any evening that it's not a thousand degrees

I would add 'go on vacation', but that's at the top of my fall bucket list!

I know I'll think of other things to add to the summer list the very minute I publish this blog,
but for now, I think we are off to a great start!
How 'bout it ... make yourself a fun summer bucket list!
And if you already have, I'd love to hear about all your fun plans =)

Happy Summer 2013, people~


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  1. I need to make a summer 'Bucket List' as it sounds like the best way to make sure to have fun fun fun! Thanks for linking with TTF this week.


    1. We made our list ... hoping to 'check it twice', as in checking all these things off our list! =) Thanks for hosting, Linda.

  2. Cute glasses!! We have a bucket list. Love yours! One of our items was to go tent camping. Checked that off this week! It was my very first time to tent camp. I prefer our camper, but we had a blast!! Lose 20 need to add that :) Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! You are off to a good start. Tent camping is the real deal! LOL. We did for many yrs, but I def prefer our camper too. It's much easier {& cooler w/the air cond.} Thanks for visiting!