Wednesday, March 12, 2014

And we have a SECOND proposal!

In case you didn't know it, our oldest sons are twins.
They are a whole 5 minutes a part.
Doing things together ... well, that's just how they roll.

And apparently engagements are no exceptions to the rule!

On March 1, 15 days after Gunnar proposed, Garrett did too!
Oh my ... this mamma's heart is experiencing all sorts of emotions ;)
It's been an exciting few months around here, to be sure, with all the ring shopping & future planning.

Garrett was so happy that we had a break in this bitter cold & snowy Indiana weather so he could
propose in a place that means to much to Carissa & him.

We've camped together, the Ellis family & us, many times at Brown County State Park,
since the kiddos were little ...
& it was during one of those camping trips that he told Carissa that he liked her!
It was at the end of a trail right by the nature center ... and this is right where he proposed.

What a gorgeous spot.
What a gorgeous couple.

And a gorgeous ring!

We love these two together & are prayerful for their future moving forward.

Better than I was, more than I am.
All of this happened, by taking your hand.


  1. Aw! Another congrats being sent out! Much happiness to the most recent set of lovebirds!

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! Lovebirds just about sums it up ;)

  2. Beautiful- and so exciting for you!!!!

  3. Aw, how sweet. Love the back-story. I don't want to think about Henry growing up and getting married yet, but when he does, I hope that he will be excited to share this journey with me like your sons have been excited to share it with you. It looks like you are gaining a couple of very beautiful daughters!

    1. I hope just the same for you, Jennifer. Special times, for sure. We couldn't be more pleased with the young ladies that will be joining our family!

  4. Oh what a sweet couple! How awesome that your twin boys got engaged so close together. I am new to your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. Super happy to have you, Alicia!! Always nice to make a new blog friend!