Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Giving Grace

Ya know, it seems like folks are oftentimes just looking for a reason to be offended.
Just waiting for someone to do something to set them off.
And on the reverse token, a person that has truly offended someone by a bad attitude,
unkind words, bad business dealings, rude behavior, etc, they turn it around
to blame anyone else but themselves.
They justify it & make everyone else the bad guy, never taking personal responsibility
or righting their wrongs. 

To this I say, take a look at yourself & your actions.
You know when you're acting in a way that's ugly & unbecoming.
Instead of being one who's easily offended, try giving someone the benefit of the doubt.
Try realizing there may be more going on than you realize.
Try not thinking about yourself all the time. 
 Half the time, the things that you conjure up in your head aren't even true anyway. 

And how about the power of an apology.
Saying 'I was wrong.  I was out of line. I messed up.'
There's such freedom in owning your mistakes & asking for forgiveness from those you've wronged.
It takes a much stronger person to apologize than one who always justifies
& never learns from their own bad behavior.

I've used this phrase so many times in the last couple years,
& if you've been around me much at all, you've heard me say it
{I've even heard some of my friends using it which makes me happy ...
makes me realize you are getting the concept}:

I know there have been times that I have spoken quickly & wish I hadn't.
I've forgotten things that are important to people.
I've made a decision that may have hurt someone & I may have not even known.
There've been times when I've been tired & not on my game.
My frustrations may shown through.
And for ALL these times that people have given me grace, dealt with me in a understanding manner,
& overlooked my shortcomings, I am so grateful.
Hurting anyone intentionally would never be my aim. 

So, I encourage you today ... go the extra mile.
Be kind.
Give people the benefit of the doubt.
Say sorry.
Forgive easily.
Love one another.
Be in each others corner.
Be a friend.
Act like Christ.

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1 comment:

  1. I don't set out to hurt or offend people... but sometimes, I put my foot in my mouth and do just that. Once I realize what I've done I am the first person to say " hey sorry.....sometimes I'm an idiot" : ) Learning to let go and apologize is one of the greatest things that I've learned ~ I feel like it gets easier with age.
    Have a great Tuesday.