Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Saving on groceries without tons of planning!

It's been quite a while since I've posted about saving money at the grocery store,
but I got such good deals yesterday that I wanted to share a quick post showing you how I saved!

This was no well-planned trip.
In fact, I just planned to run to the grocery real quick to pick up milk, toilet paper ...
you know, the things that you can't go without ;)

However, I decided to look over the sale ad before leaving & saw that there were some great deals
with the Mega Sale {buy 5, save $5}.
This is hands down, when I always get the best deals.

It's a rare occasion that I use manufacturer's coupons anymore.
We don't take the paper & I don't buy one on Sunday just for the coupons.
Truthfully, I just don't have the time to clip the coupons & plan out the trips like I used to.

What I do use are the ecoupons that I load onto my Kroger card!
There are always good ones & often times, they are picked for me based on what I buy.
Every now & then, I will get a package of coupons through the mail from Kroger,
but those don't come as often as they used to.
I think they are seeming to move towards the online coupons.

Today, I used a combo of three things to get these savings:
  • ecoupons loaded to my Kroger card
  • Kroger coupons that came through the mail
  • coupons that printed out at the Kroger register
Now, I didn't plan on blogging about this, so it's not as put together as the big-time savings blogger.
It's just to show how I saved considerably with very minimal time spent.
And unfortunately, you most likely can't take advantage of every deal that I did,
because you may not have loaded the same ecoupons to your card
or have the same coupons that came by mail.
{Sorry about that.}

I can't share every single good deal, cause I had quite a few of them, but I'll show the best ones.

This one is my favorite, I think.
It was not part of the mega sale.
150 oz. Purex on sale for $7.99
- $3 off 2  ecoupon
- buy 2, get 1 free peeler coupon
$4.33 each 

Mega Sale Items {Buy 5, Save $5}

Great Lash mascara $2.49 close out price
- $1 mega sale came off
- $2 mail coupon
Free + $.51 overage

Loreal nail polish $2.49 close out price
- $1 mega sale came off
- $2 mail coupon
Free + $.51 overage 

{Being a close out item, these should not have gotten the $1 off mega sale discount.
I even asked at customer service to be sure, but for whatever reason, they still came up as part of the sale.}

Frizz-Ease $5.99
- $1 off mega sale
- $3 off 2 Kroger mail coupon
$3.49 each 

Oscar Meyer carving board lunch meat $3.49
- $1 off mega sale
- $.75 ecoupon

Oscar Meyer carving board lunch meat $3.49
- $1 off mega sale
- $2 ecoupon

Edy's ice cream $3.49
- $1 mega sale
- $1 ecoupon
- $1.50 register coupon
Free + .01 overage

Resolve $2.79
- $1 mega sale
- $.75 ecoupon

Gevalia bagged coffee $6.99
- $1 mega sale
- $2.25 ecoupon
- $1.00 ecoupon

Gevalia bagged coffee $6.99
- $1 mega sale
- $1.00 ecoupon
- $.50 ecoupon

Freebie Friday items:

Kraft BBQ sauce
Snapple tea

I also had an ecoupon for $2 off produce.

Total savings:
coupons: $28.50
Kroger savings: $103.82

Now, remember those register coupons I mentioned above ... well, lucky me!
These printed out for me yesterday!
So, I think I'll run back up to Kroger in a bit to use these cause today is the last day of the mega sale.
The Old Orchard juice is $.99 & the Edy's is $2.49 {if you buy 5 items that are part of the sale}.
So, I'll buy 2 juices & 3 ice creams for $6.95!
The juices will be $.49 each & the ice cream will be $1.99.

And for one last big savings ... before I went grocery shopping yesterday, 
I redeemed 100 fuel points at the gas station saving $1 a gallon on gas!

All in all, I did pretty good today at Kroger!! =) 

*My tip for the best savings using ecoupons at Kroger: get on the site often.
I don't know the rhyme or reason as to when the new coupons are added,
but when they're gone, they're gone.
So check the site regularly & add any coupons that you think you may use.


Happy savings, everyone!

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  1. Angela, I love using coupons and saving....but I could never be an extreme couponer. I am impressed by them. Blessings to you and yours. xoxo,Susie

    1. Me either! I do not have the time or energy for all that! Thanks for the visit & hope you are doing well.