Friday, October 30, 2015


Seasons ...

I love living in a region of the country that has distinct seasons.
My good ol' Indiana home is right in the heart of the Midwest & we experience glorious season changes.
The heat of the summer & the cold of the winter are my least favorites, although they do bring
something to the table & I'd miss either of them if they were gone ... a little bit ;)
My very favorite season of all though is the fall & what a perfect one we've had this year.
It's been warmer than usual & the rainy spring has caused the trees to keep their leaves longer ...
& what amazing colors the leaves are!
We've been blessed to take a couple country drives & really soak in all the autumn colors.
I can't even put into words how much we've enjoyed the simple pleasure of riding through the country
& looking at all the beautiful scenery together.
It has done our soul good.
(I know I don't share too much on a personal level here on the blog, but my husband's younger
brother passed away 4 weeks ago, unexpectedly at the age of 39.
These country drives have been good for James & me ... some down time, some quiet reflection,
some laughter & some tears.)

near Story, IN

I was thinking last night & again this morning about the cozy factor that fall time seems to usher in.
James switched the furnace on & right away I could smell that familiar scent that comes from the
heater after it's not been on for a while.
(I always enjoy that in the vehicle too ... it's a similar smell.)
As I was going up the stairs, the house was completely quiet except for the sound of the heater,
I felt such a comforting coziness.
All felt right in my world.
And I was all the sudden overwhelmed with gratitude ... a roof over my head, a warm home,
a comfy place to sleep, safety & security ... all things that can be so easily taken for granted.

Who would think that an autumn season could evoke such strong & deep emotion, right?

A few weeks ago, I took the summer blanket off our bed & put on the quilt that we use
during the colder months.
That night when we got into bed, I could feel the marked difference in the weight of the quilt
as compared to the lighter summer blanket.
It felt heavy ... and secure ...
& I think I slept better than I had in several nights.

There's something to the whole cozy thing ... I'm completely convinced.
And is being cozy a huge deal, a game changer?
No, of course not ... but there's something that a cozy feeling does to your soul.
It's feels kinda like a hug.
A warm home, a burning candle, the smell of something baking in the oven, your favorite slippers,
a soft pillow or blanket ...
Reminds me of the saying about the little things ... 
how we finally realize that they were the big things after all.

And one more thing ...
I love a good-smelling house.
I've noticed though that I don't burn as many candles in the summer months
& I also don't use my Glade oil plug-ins as often.
No particular reason, I just don't do either as often.
During the fall & winter, lighting a candle is one of the first things I do of a morning.
So back to the oil refills for my plug-ins ... I bought some sort of apple scent for the lower level
of the house and a pumpkin scent for the upper level.
Talk about aroma therapy!
A good-smelling house also does something for my spirit!
From the minute I plugged those in & the wonderful smells started waifing through the air,
the cozy meter has jumped a notch or two ;)
And every person that's come in the door has commented how wonderful it smells in the house!
Again, the little things ...

As there is a purpose to every changing season outdoors/externally,
there's just as significant purpose to the seasons we go through in our own lives.
Although I hate to see the summertime come to a close & I begin to dread the snow & cold
that's around the corner, in another way I almost feel ready for it.
The autumn season is a wonderful reprieve in between ... and as fall settles in,
I have no doubt that I am ready for it.
The same applies in my spirit.
There are things that I've dreaded & could hardly fathom how I would roll with the changing
circumstances that life brings ...
but when the time finally arrived, I was ready & the changed seemed less difficult & more 'right'
than I ever could have imagined.
And really, that's the mindset that has carried me through those times ...
things change, people change, seasons change.
And we can do nothing to stop it.
So acknowledging that & being flexible enough to roll with the changing tides is the best approach.

One last thing to close out this introspective blog post, I am currently in the season of my life
where I am making forward strides in the 'living simpler' department.
It's been on my heart & we've been moving in that direction for a couple years,
but I'm slow to let go of things.
I've read about some who decide to simplify and in one weekend, they've decluttered,
cleaned out every closet, & donated box after box to Goodwill.
Boom - done - living simple just like that.
Well, that's definitely not the approach I've taken.
I often wish I could ruthlessly purge without over thinking every single thing I lay my eyes on.
I am here to say that I'm doing much better though ... & in the last several weeks,
lots of things have gone out to the trash.
I have a large pile of clothes to give away ... & our son has been doing the same thing in his closet.
It feels so good.

Last week, I threw away all the microfiber dishcloths that I've hated from the first time
I used them a year or so go.
I had kept using them, thinking with every single use how much I disliked those cloths.
Why did I keep on using them?
They went in the trash can & I bought some new clothes ... the 'plain ol' jane ol' dishcloths
like I had in the first place.
Why in the world did I wait so long to do that?
And I also pulled out these beautiful cloths that a sweet blog reader sent me a couple years ago.
I loved the idea that someone took the time to hand-make these for me ... a total stranger.
But I am trying to live by the motto 'don't save the good china for another day ... use it today'!
So I decided that these clothes will be used.
I took a picture to remind me of how pretty they are ... & every time I use them,
I will think of the sweet lady who blessed me with them.

Changing seasons.
And I am ready for them.

And for the biggest change that's rocking our world since our twin sons got married last year
and our baby boy turned 18 a few weeks ago ....

We are going to be grandparents in May!!

Our oldest son & his sweet wife are expecting their first baby!
James & I will have new names ... Pops & GiGi!

I found the most perfect devotional/journal over a year ago & I had to buy a couple of them for the future.  

 It's called "Waiting in Wonder:  Growing in Faith While You are Expecting."

Talk about seasons changing!

We are incredibly excited for Garrett & Carissa & so grateful that God has blessed them
with a sweet new life coming in the spring.
God gives the most amazing gifts, doesn't He?!

So, here's a big hug from me  ... & hopes that you are enjoying this autumn season ...
taking in the beauty of nature, spending time with the ones you love, & counting your blessings.

There is always something to be thankful for.

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  1. I love and agree with the entire cozy part of your post! And I'm lucky as to have added a third purring fur-baby to the family this fall - that ups the cozy factor, too.
    Congrats on being grandparents! Thoughts & prayers being sent to the new (to be) parents, too! How exciting!

    1. Hi Lisa =) Cozy is what it's all about during the cold times of the year, especially. Our furry friends are fun, aren't they. Our little mini Schnauzer turned 10 in Sept. Hope your holiday season is blessed.