Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New Patio Cushions!

Hello there, friends!
First off, today is my dad's 75th birthday ... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!

I wanted to show you our new super fun patio cushions!
Ours needed replacing, oh really a couple years back, but they had to be replaced this year.
Unfortunately, when I opened the deck box to get them out a month or so ago,
(we store them in a deck box on our patio to keep them dry & from fading in the sun)
there was a big ol' colony of ants that had taken up residence on every single cushion.
I mean, a whole lotta ants!
Never seen anything quite like it & hope to never again!
I sprayed the ants with Raid, bagged up the cushions, & set them out for trash.

And the search for new cushions was on!

We went to our favorite big home store first, Old Time Pottery.
We immediately liked these red quatrefoil patterned ones, but there were only 4.
So we decided to head over to At Home & Walmart.
(I pulled up Walmart's website while we were in Old Time Pottery & saw that their prices were better too.)

There were tons to choose from at At Home, but more pricey & there were only 3 or 4 in each pattern.
Walmart was next up (all these stores are just right around the corner from each other).
There we found these red stripe cushions & yet again, only a few.
It was then & there that James had a bright idea!
Buy the 4 quatrefoil patterned ones & buy 2 of the stripey ones for the chairs on each end of the table!

I hadn't planned on sharing these pictures on the blog (I took them to message to our kids),
thus the tablecloth that needs straightened, but I'm so excited about our fun & festive looking
new cushions that I figured why not!
I'm excited to put some table decor together for this.
Right now I'm thinking a vintage Americana look ... just in time for the 4th of July.
I'm still trying to not buy much in the way of home furnishings (trying to live simpler, ya know ... less stuff),
so I'll see what I can round up around here.

The first day of summer rolled around yesterday, so celebrate summer & make the most of it, friends!
It'll be cold & we'll be sharing pictures of our Christmas trees before you know it!

Who doesn't love a good party?!
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  1. Oh I love that colour red! They look amazing!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. What pretty cushions! Hope you have a great summer :)

    Edye | Http://

  3. I love the burst of color!!!! red is my favorite color to decorate with.