Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wanna get 40 washes out of 20 dishwasher tabs?

article 7 in $$ Stretching Your Dollars $$

Check out my video for this money-saving tip!

Isn't this great?!
Most repair guys say too much product is not good for the dishwasher anyway,
so cutting back to 1/2 is even better for the dishwasher itself.
{If you use the powder, use only 1/2 the usual amount}

In addition to this, I use 2 other products to keep my dishes sparking clean: 
the little basket rinse aid {I hang this inside the dishwasher on the top rack}
& a liquid rinse aid that is filled into a compartment inside the door.
Both of these last quite a while & do a good job of keeping the film off the glasses.

The next thing I want to experiment with is using vinegar instead of the liquid rinse aid.
I've heard it works great & of course, would be much cheaper.
I'll be sure & report back on that.


  1. Oh, I use those exact tablets. I'll be sure to start cutting them today! Thanks for the tip!

  2. What I great tip! I also stocked up on the freebies at Target a few months ago. While I still have a few boxes left, I'm going to go ahead & give this a try! I already cut my dryer sheets in half, so I'm sure this will work well, too. Thanks again!

  3. Well this is neat. I don't have a dishwasher, but if I ever get one I'll know of a way to save! Thanks for sharing. Come visit me sometime at

    God bless,