Friday, October 21, 2011

5 Pear Smoothies Comin' Up

Every now & then, we have some fruit that's about one day away from the trash can.
Of course, I can never let that happen.
I always come up with a way to use it!

Ordinarily around here, James is the resident smoothie maker.
This time, however, I came up with these pear fruit smoothies & they were a hit!

Here's what I rustled up from the fridge to toss in the blender with the pears:

5 peeled, seeded pears {the only exact measurement in the whole deal}
pineapple chunks & juice - about 1 c. in all
vanilla yogurt - a cup & a half or so
coconut syrup - a splash
orange flavored, sugar-free drink - enough to make smoothie the desired consistancy
ice cubes - 6 or 8 will do the trick

An easy & healthy tropical treat in a matter of minutes!

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