Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Finished Wall Collage

A month or two ago, I began working on a wall collage in our living room.
I even blogged about struggling creatively & wondered if I'd be able to pull off
this vision in my head.
{If you missed that blog, you can read it here}
Ya know, sometimes I'm feeling it ... & sometimes I'm just not.

I started with a couple pieces that would anchor the whole look & started building
from there.

All sorts of things were gathered from around the house to experiment with while
trying to find just the right look ... along with a few 'must-have' purchases.

And remember I said that I was tempted to rob one of my favorite accessories
from my bedroom wall?
Well, the chippy antique white piece on standing on the far right is the item in question ...
along with the one laying flat on the pile of goodies.
I'm not even sure what they are called ... corbels, maybe?
I think they are decorative pieces off porch pillars.
I actually have 3 of these that I bought an old barn sale & I absolutely adore them!!
I ended up using one of them in the living room & returned the other two back to
the bedroom.
Now, I can enjoy them in twice as often.

And then I found this, the piece de resistance!

Instant 'lurve' at first site!
I wasn't sure how or if I could incorporate this into the whole scheme of things in
my living room, but I sure wanted to try.

You have to know this about my decor, it's pretty masculine overall, with a few fancy,
frilly pieces here & there ... operative word being few.
I am a wife to a manly-man & a mom to three young men, ya know!
An abundance of pinky, lacy, & girly would not go over well in this house!

So, sticking a chandelier in the mix would definitely be stretching the creative curve,
but overall, it's all about creating the right balance ... & it worked!

Even the fellas gave their nod of approval!

The only new pieces added were the chandelier, the black frames on the left & right sides
& the two 'P' signs.

Ya, I'm not interested in changing this anytime soon.


  1. Great job! Have had my old window up on the wall trying to figure what else to do with it. Love everything about your wall.

  2. Very nice! Is the chandelier a decal? That is very cool, especially how you have it behind the window.

  3. Thanks!
    It is a decal ... looked for them online & found that Target sells them. Picked mine up there. It has little 'gem' stickers included, but I thought those would be too much for the look I had going.

    Stacy, I'm sure whatever you decide will be perfect. Those old windows are so versatile.