Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's a little late to be sharing a blog ... not my typical routine,
but I wanted to share the super deals that I got at CVS this week before the new ad starts tomorrow.

I wanted to hurry & get this on here tonight to inspire me & you check out next week's deals,
not only at the drugstores, but at your grocery too.
Not every week brings a good sale, but every free or cheap deal is worth taking advantage of.

I have to thank Jessica & Jody ... they both made their CVS trips before I did
& passed along tips & some additional coupons which helped me out!
{Jessica helped me think through this scenario cause I was having a brain freeze!}

I am going to start sharing one picture each week, along with a break-down of my best deals.
I definitely didn't rack up as many deals as others did this week {esp. with the Olay deal},
but I am pleased with what I got.

Not too bad paying $2.75 for all these products!!
This was 2 orders combined completely free except for paying tax
{had to add in the 2 candies so the coupons would come off}.
I had manufactures coupons for every item, except the 2 candies, which as I said were filler items,
plus several higher dollar coupons that the CVS coupon center gave me when I scanned my card.

Next week, I'll share exactly what coupons I used to get the deals.

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