Monday, December 31, 2012

Peaceful Snow

Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.
~Isaiah 1:18
There's something about snow ... clean, white snow that seems so peaceful.
Everything appears calm & still, blanketed over by a snow coat.
The world is quieter, almost as if it's resting.
Even when it's dark out, the whole world seems lighter, brighter.

It even dresses up the trees, especially the pines, making them picture perfect.

James went out & took these beautiful pictures so I could share with you what it looks like
at our house right now.
Over the last week, we've gotten about 12-15 inches of snow.
{& it's currently snowing ... again ... with an expected accumulation of a few more inches.}

This one is my favorite ...
our little wood pile capped off by fluffy snow, with just a peek of green underneath.

This tree still has a nest in it.

Isn't this little nest adorable?
Looks like the birdie found some fishing wire & twine to build with.

Love the snow-covered pines.

My Japanese Maple ... a mother's day gift from James & the boys, it's my favorite little tree.

My old sled ... it sits on the porch, but James couldn't resist sitting it on the snow for this pic.

Beautiful bare branches~
{you can actually see little buds ... prior to all this snow, it was unseasonably warm!}

This is what it looked like Christmas night as the snow was falling.

And cause I can't resist, I have to show you my new kitchen towel.
I bought it & promptly came home to tell James that I had found our dream home ;)
It's complete with snow & pine trees.

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