Monday, March 18, 2013

Part 2 of Our Antique Road-Trip Date

Weekend before last, I was on an Antique Road-Trip date ... all planned out by my sweet James.
In case you missed part 1, be sure & check it out.
Our first stop was at the Amish grocery store.
It was a perfect way to get the day started.

Now, let's get on to the antiques part of the date!

After we finished at the Amish grocery, we headed back into Richmond
& stopped at a small store called Larry's Antiques.
His shop was full to the brim.
Frank & Mike from the American Picker's show would have loved Larry's bikes.
This old tandem bike was my fave.

Oh ... & in the above pic, the table at the very right corner was way cool.
The legs folded under & the whole table rolled up like a rug!
Pret-ty nifty.

Before we left Richmond, we had to drive down a few memory lanes.
This is the house James grew up in as a kiddo.

And the school where he attended kindergarten.

I love thinking of my sweet hubs as a little boy in kindergarten.
So much so thaaat ... I think I'll share a pic of his when he was 'wittle.'
Here he is, 8 years old & on a field trip to Mammoth Cave.
Isn't he SO cute?!
{And... this pic officially confirms that our youngest son has always been his daddy's twin.}

So what we were talking about ... antiques?!
Sorry 'bout that.
Once ya start strolling down memory lane, it's hard to get back on track.

Our next stop on Historic Old National Road was in Centerville where there are antique stores ga-lore!
Little town, lots of history ... lots of antiques.

We went here first.

The highlight here was the extensive & well-organized library!

There were books from the 1700s!
We know we'll visit this library again.

James liked this one, but ultimately decided not to spend the $200 on it.

I really loved these doll babies.
They reminded me of the ones my Grandma Ely used to have sitting on her bed.
Course, the old highchair was charming too.

Our next stop was at Wheeler's ... store 1 & store 2.
The first one was a traditional-type antique store, if there is such a thing.
{I bought a couple things here & will show you pics after I decide where I am placing them.}
The second one housed all the larger-scale items & boy, did they have some big ol' stuff.
Stuff like this big ol' cool sign.
A friend of ours said that the Silver Dollar Lounge used to be a local establishment in Cambridge City,
which is the next town up the road.

Our next stop was a first for me ... a salvage store.
I've always wanted to go to one.
This one is called White River Salvage & Antiques was cooler than cool ...
one of my favorite stops of the day.
Not only did it have LOTS of awesome unique pieces, the building itself was to die for.
Oh my ... this this brick wall with a gorgeous archway is stunning!

The clerk said this is one of the oldest buildings in town & it used to be the town's general store ...
& the Odd Fellows used to meet here for years on the 3rd floor.
It was then a restaurant called Jody's, operating here for 50+ years.
It was said that folks would line down the street on Saturday's for her apple dumplings.
{You can read more history of the building here.}

Here are some of the treasures at the salvage store:

 I can only imagine the lovely old home these doors opened into ...

Talk about character!
These doors have it!

 An old desk

 Shoe forms, all happy medium =)

 Grates ... lots of them.

Extra TALL chairs!

 I would've loved bringing these babies home!

James & I were both snapping pics right & left.
This bar was taken from a residence in Indianapolis.

 And James ... with his brilliant 'light bulb' idea for this super fun day!

Next stop, Webb's Antique Mall.
I bought a few things here, one of which is an old ladder, something that's been on my list
to find for a while now.
I've passed several of them up & regretted it later ... but not this time.
I'll show it to you after I decide where I'm putting it.

And the last stop in Centerville was at the Olde Brass Hog.
This shop, if you can call it that, was basically an OLD house with antiques in the front room.
In the middle of the room, facing the television that was playing very loudly,
was the owner's easy chair, his slippers, his socks, his glasses, & a stack of newspapers knee-high.
{The only thing missing was the owner.}
When you got to the front of the room, you were looking directly into the kitchen of the home,
complete with dishes in the sink.
It was ackward & we were only in there for about 5 minutes.
I felt like I was snooping around in someone's home!
As we were leaving, we passed the owner coming up the walk.
He was across the street at the church shoveling the snow off the steps ... small town living at it's finest ;)

We moved on to Cambridge City from here & were trying to pick our pace because the shops close at 5.
We were trying to hit as many as we could.

Let me tell you, Cambridge City is the jackpot!
Here's what the Indiana Insider Blog has to say about it:

"Nestled along the Old National Road and in the very heart of Antique Alley, 
Cambridge City could easily qualify as the best-kept secret in Wayne County. 
What’s the secret? 
The secret is that this quaint town is the home to ten antiques shops and malls, 
four eateries and three museums – all within walking distance of one other."

We visited some of the best shops of the day here & will definitely shop here again!

This shop had the best over-all prices of the day.
Too bad I didn't find anything I needed here.

Apparently I'm taking a lil' nappie ;)

Vinton House was my taste, through & through.
If I were decorating a store, or stocking it with things I love,
it could've easily looked like this one.
She had a great selection of decor & furniture ... & if my pockets were only a bit deeper,
I could've walked out with many treasures.

She had several of these antique laundry baskets ... course, none of them were for sale.

At Doublehead Trading Company, we found this 'message door.'
I'm sure it started as a means to post what you were looking for or what you had for sale,
but it's turned into 'sign your name to show you were here' board!
There were people from all over the place ... even South Africa!

 So, I had to join the fun & leave our mark.

 We even left our church card!

 The other highlight from this store was his Jar Room.

Definitely one of the best collections of jars I've ever seen!

Next stop was Hole in the Wall Antiques.
I bought all my bunnies there, along with a few other items.

Log House Antiques was such a beautiful old home!
Built in 1830, it was once one of the earliest inns in Wayne County.
It’s had several different purposes since it’s room and board days.
It was moved here from the original location three miles away.

The store gets the award for the best-smelling place we visited all day!
She had candles going that not only smelled delicious, it added to the log cabin charm.
I bought the most adorable wire basket filled with old clay pots for growing herbs.
Can't wait to show it to you.


Next stop, Building 125 Antiques ... uber cool store.
Very big & spacious  -- very unlike the normal packed to the gills antique stores.
AND, this was the 2nd best-smelling store of the day -- also something not normally associated
with antique stores!

Here we found these gorgeous barrel chairs, a set of 14 for $3000.
I asked the fella for the story on them.
He said they were purchased directly out of a farmhouse in Kentucky from relatives of George Washington!
A few of them were even marked 'GW' on the bottom.
How cool it that?!

This is where we finished our shopping.
They were shutting off the lights as we were leaving & upon the recommendations of the locals
at this store & at the Log Cabin, we decided to try out Lakeview Restaurant for dinner.
After all this shopping, we had worked up an appetite.

James had the pan-fried Haddock & I had broasted chicken.
This restaurant made me think of my first job at age 15, waitressing at Richard's Restaurant.
From the throwback decor to the homestyle food, especially the broasted chicken.
Nothing fancy, just good food & good service.

After filling our bellies, James bought a quarters-worth of feed for the ducks & we started on home.
Gone 24 hours, but missing our boys none-the-less.

Now, although this was a loooong 2-part post {thanks for hanging with me},
we did not get to all the stores we thought we would!
We found more stores than we knew about & of course, browsing through all the goodies takes time.
So, we are already planning the second leg of our antiquing adventure!
As soon as we get a free weekend, we'll pick up where we left off.

The best part of the whole deal, spending quality time with my sweet husband.
These are the moments that keeps our relationship strong & fresh.
We, by the grace of God, have many more years to spend with each other ...
& I look forward to every single one of them.



  1. Wow! What a fun shopping day! I love the library with the really old books and the "old jar room". Not to mention the meal you ate looked delicious! Glad you had such a fun time!

  2. It was so much fun! I wish I could've posted all the pics James & I took ...cause there were just SO many neat things, but that would've been a veryyy long blog post ;) Sure appreciate you coming by I leaving me a sweet comment.

  3. Looks like you had a perfect weekend! I would rather peruse places like that than visit the finest malls in the country! You never know what treasures you will find... :)

  4. It really was ... & I agree with you 110%. Plus, it's a whole lot better 'crowd' than what you find at the mall ;)

  5. So glad you made it over to Centerville and to Webb's, I love that place! Next time you are out this way, head over the state line into Ohio and check out New Paris Antique Mall. It is less than 10 minutes from Richmond and is 3 huge stories of antique bliss!!!!! :) I will have to check out Log Cabin antiques, that looks amazing. I am digging the wall of bottles, I collect Ball jars and milk bottles, I could have a field day there!!!!

  6. A shop owner was telling us that Webb's has recently changed hands & they are looking for it to improve. We though it was a really nice antique mall, as is. Thanks for the heads up about the one in New Paris...we'll def add it to the list!!

  7. How fun. I wish I was there also. I love all of the jars. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop. Have a great week.

    Debi, Charly, Marci, and Suzan