Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saving Money Without Coupons

I haven't been couponing much ... not much at all.
I haven't graced the doors of a CVS since December.
Even my grocery trips have been fewer.
Yes, we're still eating, but I've been making one bigger trip every few weeks.
For the in-between times, I've been having James or one of the boys stop on their way home
from work for those few items like milk, bread, fruit, etc.
It's been nice, I have to admit.
I kinda go into semi-hibernation mode during the winter months.
I'm a homebody by nature ... that combined with cold weather, yea, I'm good to stay indoors
& work on projects til it warms up.

I have, however, been scooping up on some good deals on my grocery trips,
without using many/any coupons ... & that's what I wanted to share today.
{I haven't blogged about savings in a while.}

I always do pretty well at Aldi {great prices on produce especially}, but every now & again,
I get in on some extra super markdowns.
How do I spot these?
I look for the neon green oval stickers with hand-written prices.
Also, there's usually a markdown table towards the front & it usually reads:
'Everything on this table $.99' ... or whatever the markdown price is for that week.
I've gotten stuff for .10 before ... promise.
{Here's a vlog from a while back where I scored some .15 items!}

Here are my cheapies for this trip:
.25 split top wheat bread
.39 avocados {great price for my avocado chicken salad recipe}
1.25 bags of cheese tortellini  {just paid 3.50 a bag last week for these at Meijer - on sale}
everything else you see here was on the .99 table!

 .99 for these Simply Nature fruit snacks

 .99 for Special K pastry snacks ... & Hershey Kisses {only one bag left so I snatched it}

marked-down Valentine candy ... yep .99 a bag ~ perfect for upcoming Easter baskets/eggs
The M&M's will go in homemade cookies.

Sorry for my lacking photo skills ... these packages are hard to photograph without a glare.
This organic granola is really yummy ... it has pieces of dried strawberries & chunks of  chocolate.
Again, .99!

 These are the Aldi version of the fancy Pepperidge Farms cookies ... just as tasty & cheaper too!

I was thankful to find these markdown items.
As I've said before, I pack a lot of work lunch boxes, so these various snacks are a good addition
for an after-lunch sweet tooth.

There are many ways to stay on target with your food expenditures.
Looking for bargains on markdown tables at places like Aldi, that doesn't accept coupons, is a bonus!
Hopefully you are saving $$ on your groceries, as well.


  1. How I long for an Aldi's close by! I would love to coupon more, but it requires a pretty big time commitment when my time is limited. The nearest Aldi's is just too far away for me to make it very often, but you're motivating me to find a way!!

  2. Maybe go every couple months for a big stock-up? I haven't been couponing much for that very reason. I do not have tons of extra time through the holiday season & when it's over, I struggle to get back into the swing of it. Another thing I love about Aldi, I can zip through so much quicker than the big grocery stores.

  3. Now this is amazing! Thank you for all the advice!

    Ashley from This Southern Girl's Heart

  4. New to your blog love it thanks for awesome tips you can find me over @

  5. Thanks a bunch, Cindy! I'll stop in at your place for a visit too!

  6. Oh how I wish we had an Aldi. Those prices are crazy cheap. Why would you coupon with those deals. Saves so much time. I am jealous can you tell?

  7. Aw, I sure wish you did too. I love the prices ... & how quickly I can get in & get out. It's a win-win!