Monday, July 8, 2013

A Glimpse at Life Through Phone Pics

Our phone pics tell the story, don't they?
Life being chronicled, one snap at a time.

I love flipping through the pics on my phone.
I have some from forever ago.
Yes, they are saved on my laptop, but I still want them there in my phone so I can flip back
through them and relive the fun moments, the vacations, the family & friends.

I've decided that each Friday, I'm going to post from my phone pics ... "Phone Pics Friday."
I'm starting today, however, cause on Friday I'll be off somewhere exotic celebrating
our 22nd anniversary with my hubs.
Ok, the exotic part is quite a stretch of the imagination, but I just had to throw that in
for fun to see how it would sound ;)

Besides all that, I haven't posted in a while.
It's been super busy & I just haven't had anything earth shattering to share.
We are enjoying the summer, which is going by too quickly I might add,
& I've even marked a few things off the summer bucket list!

So without further ado, here are my phone pics to tell the story.
{Don't expect iphone quality ... cause I don't have an iphone.}

Garrett invited Riley & I to lunch at his new favorite little lunch spot.
It's called Thai Spice.
We've driven by it a million times but never had eaten there.
It's right next door to Garrett's office, so it's a popular spot with the realtors.
Btw, an update on Garrett, he has sold his 1st home & just listed his 1st home ...
all within a few months of completing his training & becoming a licensed realtor.
He was also recently elected as treasurer of the Johnson County Young Republicans.
We are super proud of his accomplishments!

This was my first time to eat Thai food & I can't even remember the name of what I had,
but it was yummy ... with the exception of Garrett's Thai tea ... ICK!
Gave my rice to the boys cause I'm lo-carb'n it, ya know.

 Garrett & Riley had this ... can't remember the name of it either.

Since we are on the subject of lo-carb & food, here is a pic I sent to James to make his mouth water ;)
Occasionally I'll send him a pic of what's cooking on the stove in hopes that he hurries home quick!
This is one of his very favorite meals ... sauerkraut {sour crout} & smoked sausage.
I'll have to share my recipe, huh?!

I took this pic when we were on a walk.
I kept thinking these 2 trees had oranges plastic ties on it only to realize as I got closer that it was just
a few random oranges leaves here & there.

Isn't that funny?
Guess a few of them turned a little ahead of schedule.

I'm a sunflower fanatic, course, you probably know that by now.
This beauty is growing in my dad's flower!

He is a gardener extraordinaire!

Dad has several flower gardens around the yard.

He even has his front porch all ready for the 4th ... which, by the way, was awesome!
Dad grilled ribeyes for everyone ... mom made sides & cake ... & the rest of us pitched in.
All in all, we had quite a spread.
The awesome party of the 4th of July celebration, it was the 50th year anniversary of my parents
coming to Christ!
They were invited to a little revival meeting & both gave their hearts to the Lord on July 4, 1963.
What an impacting choice, not only to me & my 2 siblings, but to countless others
who've been affected by their lives & ministry.

Now, switching gears from pretty... to pretty hideous
I often find myself sending pics of things I find when I'm out shopping.
I usually shop by myself, so I'll send a pic to James or one of the boys saying,
"Do you like this?  Do you want this?  Do you like this color better?" etc ...
Well, in this case, I sent a pic of these totally ridiculously ugly pants to all my men folk
& asked if they all wanted a pair.
No joke, folks, these can be purchased at TJ Maxx as we speak.
What in the world?!!! LOL
Apparently it's the latest in fashion for golfers.
Uh, NO!

On to something much more lovely, I spotted this car in the Kroger parking lot on the 4th of July.
I took it to show James so we could daydream about driving around in a cool ride like that.

This deserves the blurriest pic award, but I am too excited about my new find not to include it.
I have admired the 'nude' shades for nails & lips for a while now, but haven't found the right one til this.
I picked this one up as I was checking out at Forever 21.
It's called Khaki {appropriate for a homeschool momma, huh ... ha} & was like $2.39.
I figured it would be no good, but worth a shot.
I am happy to report that I love it!
The color is my fave & it's super gel-y shiny & wears pretty well.

Another new find:  this wonderful candle!
Do you see the pic & name?!
Savannah Moss!
I think YES.
Course, the Savannah moss looks amazingly similar to the Charleston moss, so it's all good.
Bonus:  it smells really good ... kinda southern warm & homey.

I took this pic to send to my sister & niece, who are both doing lo-carb with James & me.
I bought almond milk week before last & I liked it.
Didn't think I would, but I did.
It's not a milk-for-milk taste equivalent though.
This week, I spotted this Carbmaster milk at Kroger & thought we'd give it a shot.
Let me tell you, this has been a ray of sunshine - do a happy dance moment for me!
It is SO yummy, tastes just like milk & many other bonuses besides.
It's high in protein, low in carbs & calories, fat free ... & it's lactose free!
And did I mention, it tastes just like milk!
{Well, it is milk, but you never know how these 'different' products are ganna taste, right?!}

The almond milk & now this milk has enabled me to make some lo-carb desserts!
Again, a happy dance ;)

Well, hopefully you've enjoyed my random phone pics as much as I have.
Nothing too significant, but part of the fabric of my life.

Reminds me of the saying:
Enjoy the little things ... for one day you'll look back & discover they were the big things.


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  1. I love this, how fun. I forget to take pics with my camera, this is such a great idea. Love it. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. How fun! I love scrolling through my phone pics, too. And yes, do share that sauerkraut and sausage recipe. I love stuff like that!

    1. Hi Amy! I posted that recipe on Tuesday. You'll have to check it out =) Thanks for visiting.