Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Family Reunion & Outdoor Movie Night

Whew ~ are the days flying by or what?!

We've been super duper busy around here & I just haven't had a second to spare.
But, since I already know how much I dislike taking too long of a bloggy break,
I thought I'd stop in for a quick update of sorts.

I've been feeling the push to get my to-do list completed ...
you know, those final check offs before the fall season rolls in.
This enables me to enjoy my very favorite season without a whole host
of unfinished activities hanging over my head.
And besides, I work well with a deadline ...
so I am happy to report that things are getting done around here!
I have, however, resisted the urge to drag out my fall decor.
I guess it'll be a few more weeks before it makes an appearance.

Even though we've been working a lot, there's been a good amount of fun stuff going on too.

The Ely reunion was this past Saturday & a good time was had by all.
It was a good turnout & is always great to see family that we usually only see once a year.

We also attended an outdoor movie party!
That was lots of fun & was the perfect ending to the weekend.

Here are a few pictures to tell the story, first of the reunion.

My momma & her 3 siblings ~ she has 4 brothers that have already 'made it home'.
Aunt Wathina, Mom, Aunt Marie, & Uncle Lennis

 How I love these people!

Here they are sitting together enjoying lunch & fellowship.

This is my cousin, Macel Ely, II.
He authored the book, Ain't No Grave ~ The Life & Legacy of Brother Claude Ely.
What a blessing it's been to our family & a host of others whose lives were touched
by my Uncle Claude's ministry.

 Here he is with his lovely family.

My brother-in-law, Allan, & my brother, Bryan.

 Mom & her boy.

Riley & Gunnar, with their cousin, Daniel in the middle.

Gunnar & cousin, Hannah ... photo bombed by Al  ;)

and Gunnar with new baby cousin, Paislee.

My handsome nephew, Ben & me.

Sweet Garrett & Carissa

Baby Aubriana ... she wouldn't be still long enough to get a good shot, but how cute is she?!

Cousins telling secrets ;)

My Aunt Marie's large family -- and that was with several families missing!

My Aunt Wathina's family ... again, missing several.

My Uncle Claude's family -- missing several.
Imagine if every single person in every family had been there ... what a crew!

Wish I had gotten pics of everyone, but I was sure happy for all who came.
Love my family.

Now for a few pics of the outdoor movie night:
Here's the screen ... we watched Time Changer when it got dark.

Enjoying fellowship -- met lots of new people.

 What a perfect country setting for this event -- large yard for the many kiddos to run & play.

My handsome fellas visiting with a new friend.

Thank you Haase family for a fun evening!

Hope all of you had a nice Labor Day weekend, without too much laboring going on ;)


  1. Looks like you guys have been having so much fun!

    Ok, so I'm somewhat familiar with the legacy of Claude Ely. We are pentecostal holiness and live in Kentucky, so his stories are shared amongst our people! So, wonderful that you have such Godly family and ancestors!!

    1. Oh wow, Sarah!! I am sure we must know some of the same people then! It's a small world, indeed. I am certainly blessed with a Godly heritage. Thank you for visiting & commenting.

  2. Love the photos ... and love you guys more! Thanks for posting them!!!

    1. aw -- well, we feel the same way about you! Love you very much.