Wednesday, September 4, 2013

18 days left of summer

Can you even believe it, people?!
Summer is almost over.
In fact, we've got 18 days til fall officially rolls in.
You know, the season of pumpkin everything ... & I love it.

I'll be sad to see summer go though ... I will.
It's been a really good one.
We've had mild temperatures, for the most part ... all in all, much better weather than last summer.
I hope this gorgeousness sticks around right into the fall season.

I thought since there are only 18 days left of summer,
I better see how much I can mark off my summer bucket list ...
& check out any remaining activities that can be done while there's still a little bit of time.

buy new sunglasses
amusement park
camping either in our travel trailer or rent a cabin
Gene's Hot Dog & Root Beer Stand .... & Frazier's
drive through Falls Park & visit all our old stomping grounds in Anderson/Pendleton

fireworks/Fourth of July parade
explore downtown Indy
eat at 3 new restaurants
swim at my sisters every time she invites me over
paint the lower bathroom & laundry room
sit on the porch/patio & read as many mornings as possible
go to the state fair
eat fresh!
drink lots of iced tea

lose 20 pounds
sew more on my sewing machine
play putt-putt
grill often
eat dinner on the patio any evening that it's not a thousand degrees

That's not too bad!

The trip to an amusement park will probably not happen.
We just haven't been able to fit that one in.

As for camping, that's going to be shifted to the fall bucket list, along with exploring downtown Indy
& playing putt-putt.

The picnic is scheduled for next week & I am happy to say that it's going to be a picnic extraordinaire!
Can't wait to tell you all about it & show you all the pics -- stay tuned.

Last but not least, while I did not lose 20 pounds over the summer, I did lose about half of that.
Our summer was filled with eating healthy & exercise.
Overall, we feel much better than what we would have otherwise & are continuing on
our journey to weight loss & good health.
By the end of the year, we will be happy for the struggle.

I'm currently planning our fall bucket list & if it's half as successful as the summer one,
I'll be tickled pink =)

How about you ... have you had lots of summer fun?!
Let's get out there & make these last 18 days of the 2013 summer count!


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  1. Firstly well done on the weight loss! Really hard during the summer months. I am so excited that September is here, my favourite month! You've reminded me on the pumpkin front, we drove past one of the massive fields near me that was full to brimming with that orange bounty!! xx

    1. Thank you, Chel! It is SO hard. And pumpkin patches, we just drove past one last night. You can help but smile at a field full of pumpkins. Hope your favorite month is full of fun!!

  2. oh wow, I can't believe there's only 18 days left of summer!! :( sad to see it go, but I can't wait for fall, especially here in Texas, I love it when the air is crisp and the leaves begin to change colors. definitely my favorite season. fun bucket list :), I should make one, that's a neat idea.

    1. I know, right?! I'm sure in TX, you are welcoming the cool down with open arms! LOL. I'm started on my fall bucket list in my mind, but I'm going to get it on paper here soon ... you too ... go for it! LOL

  3. I should have done a summer bucket list!! But I did manage to redo our landscaping, paint my bathroom, and refinish my kitchen table and chairs, among scores of other activities, so I feel like it's been a productive summer!

    I LOVE summer, so letting it go is usually hard for me, but, for whatever reason, I'm really excited about fall this year. I hope you'll be sharing some of your pumpkin recipes!! :)

    1. You have accomplished much, indeed! Those are all big jobs! As for the pumpkin recipes, I will share, for sure =) Blessings, Tanya.

  4. I cannot believe summer is closing. I love fall though and I am so glad I live where there four seasons are so pronounced! I love the bucket list for seasons! Really fun! Congrats on the weight loss; that is always a challenge! I am going to create a summer bucket list for these last few days. And then bring on fall!!!!

    1. Me either ... it's gone quick, but time seems to move quick always. Fall is my fave season of all. I love everything about it! Thanks for visiting!