Friday, October 18, 2013

Covered Bridge Festival

There's only a couple more days to attend the Covered Bridge Fest in Parke County.
This something we do nearly every year.
My parents started going when I was young & now James & I carry on the tradition.
We'd go just the two of us, years ago, when the boys were too small too enjoy it.
We'd get some of their Christmas gifts {guitars, cowboy hats} while they weren't with us.
Once they got bigger, they had lots of fun going, but now that they are working,
schedules are harder to get lined up.
But it's always a good time, no matter what.

In case you aren't familiar with the Covered Bridge Fest, here's a link where you can read all about it.

In addition to being picturesque, Parke County, is the covered bridge capital of the world,
& boy do they know how to put on a festival.
It's in its 57th year & reigns as Indiana's largest,
running for 10 days with a vendor for almost everything imaginable.
Course there's food booths galore & I'd say as many folks go to eat as to shop.

The yard sales & barn sales on all roads leading to Rockville & Mansfield are plenteous
& you could spend a whole day {or more} just stopping & browsing all the antiques & collectibles {junk}.

For whatever reason, I didn't think to bring my camera, but James snapped a few shots.
Here we are at Mansfield ... it was a perfect weather day.

We've been when it's super chilly ...
even buying scarves & gloves after we got there cause we were freezing after a while!
This day was perfect -- 68 & sunny.

For as many years as we've gone, we usually only go to Mansfield.
It's plenty & takes the whole day, as it is.
While we were sitting taking a rest break, a lady sat down beside us
& she asked if we every went into Rockville.
We told her that we have, but there's not much there so we generally skip it.
She said her favorite stop was in Bridgeton, which we'd never even heard of.
After hearing all about it, we decided to cut our time at Mansfield short & head to Bridgeton
for a new experience.
And we are SO glad we did!!
It totally reminded us of how Mansfield used to be before it got so big.
I think it's our new fave.

Here are a few pics from Bridgeton.

There seemed to be a lot more antiques & handmade craft items, which we really like.

After we left Bridgeton, we attempted to find an Amish dry goods store in Rockville.
It turned out to be a dirt road adventure extraordinaire!
After stopping at 2 Amish home, one with a greenhouse & bakery & another with a huge pumpkin stand,
we got better directions & finally arrived at the store -- only to find a handwritten sign that said,
"closed today".
We had to laugh but were sad it wasn't open ... it looked like a nice store too.

The unexpected find was this covered bridge out in the middle of the country on a dirt road.
Isn't it pretty?

As we drove across,  James took some shots.

To finish off the day, we stopped for dinner in Avon & tried a new restaurant called Charbono's.
Well, the restaurant isn't new, we just hadn't eaten there before.
James had mahi mahi & shrimp & I had a margarita pizza.

It was really good & I'm sure we'll go again.
This is me with my wind-blown & sun burnt nose look ;)

So hopefully you'll get a chance to go on over & make a fun day of it =)
If not this year, plan to go next.
You'll enjoy it.


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  1. Looks like an amazing day! And something my husband and I would love. Thinking I need to add the Covered Bridge Festival to my yearly calendar... :)

  2. I LOVE COVERED BRIDGES. They are sooooo cool and everyone of them are drop.dead.gorgeous in a crusty old sort of way. They are my absolute favorite things from days gone by. I didn't know that Indiana had a covered bridge festival so thanks for sharing. The hubs and I may just have to take a ride to Indiana next fall to see some covered bridges.

    1. Me too! I love thinking about times before me & how life was, especially in my home state. I do hope you make seeing our covered bridges & coming to the festival a part of your fall fun next year. So happy you stopped by.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Angela,
    I just happened upon your blog and have so much enjoyed seeing all the beautiful covered bridges you have featured in Parke County, Indiana. Several years ago, I became interested in covered bridges after visiting the PA Amish County. Since then, we have traveled to many states touring some beautiful old covered bridges. One of my favorite bridges that I have visited to date is the East/West Paden Twin Covered Bridges in Pa. However, Indiana will definitely be on my list now.

    Regards, Teresa

    1. There are quite a few to see in IN, as well as beautiful rural countryside. Course, if you come at the right time in the fall, you can take in the festival too. I think traveling the states to see the bridges sounds delightful!! And I'd love to go to Amish country in PA. So glad you stopped by my blog! Come back soon.

  5. I had to miss the festival this year....and am so sad! Money and the timing just wasn't right. I love all the little pop up flea markets and great little shops too.....and the bridges are spectacular!

    Thanks for sharing it with's almost as good as going :-)

    1. Aw ... hate you had to miss it, but glad you could enjoy it through my blog. Blessings to you, Christine!

  6. That looks like such a fun day! I love festivals and the antiques and crafts are always fun also. Thanks for sharing at TTF!