Thursday, April 10, 2014

Flowers & Yogurt

I have the sweetest husband.
I really do.

Today, he brought me home prizeys.
He said he was thinking, 'How can I make my baby smile today?'
And he answered that question with flowers & yogurt!

And as if this beautiful bouquet isn't enough, he brought me my first hanging basket of the season!

And now to the funnest & CUTEST part of the gifts:  the yogurt!

He's heard me carrying on about how much I am loving this certain coconut yogurt.
So being the sweetie he is, he thought he bring me some home!
Only thing is ... the one I'm raving about lately is the Liberte brand.
{It is to die for, people, just sayin'.}

I would've never told him, but he asked if he got the right one.
It's totally ok though ... these will be delicious too ... cause they were bought with love!

How incredibly cute is all this?!
I tell ya, I felt pretty loved today.