Friday, April 11, 2014

Phone Pic Friday

Haven't made a phone pic Friday post, well, since a very long time!

I don't know about you, but I'm grateful for the camera on my phone.
I'm not an iphone user {I have a Windows phone & it's several years old - I keep my phones for forever},
& while the camera on my phone isn't nearly as good as the one on my hubby's iphone,
I still use the fire out of it.
I take pics of all sorts of this & that.
Here's the proof. according to my phone pics 

Now, I tend to take a lot of pics of clothes.

This particular pic totally sums up what I'm drawn to when I shop for clothes!!
I didn't even notice this monochromatic scheme til the sales lady hung these in the fitting room.
It made me giggle & I had to grab out my phone to snap a pic.
This is what I gravitate toward every.single.time.
Yes, I love color & wear color, but I love love black & white.
{I bought the houndstooth peplum shirt in the front - clearanced to $5.99!}

Generally, when I take pics of clothes, it's to send to friends & family --
it's usually pics of cute skirts that I think my girly friends would like.

 These were from Target ... and again, notice the color scheme that I'm drawn to?!

And as not to variate from all things black & white ... ha ... here are 2 of my boys all ready for church.
They are twins & quite regularly they come out of their rooms dressed very similarly.
Aren't they handsome as can be?!
{These are our newly engaged sons!}

Oh & one more of clothes ... aren't these little Easter dresses darling?!
Took this for a few of the 'girl' mommas at church.

And here's Riley ... he brings lots of color into our life!
Here he is sporting his Hilton Head attire, Christmas gifts from his cousin, Tiffiny.

Occasionally, Coops joins Riley at the table for school =)

Here's Riley newest activity!
He used some Christmas money to buy a new ukulele!
He's learned a few songs & seems to be picking it up quickly.

In February, we took a road trip to visit our friends, the Stephens, in Springfield, MO.
Here's the arch as we were passing through St. Louis.

On Valentine's Day, our friends took us to the most romantic little restaurant I've ever been to!
It was an authentic Italian place with loads of character & delicious food.
We were with great company & had a fun evening out.

After a looong, cold winter, we finally got a snippet or two of warmth.
I packed us up a picnic supper & off to the park we went.
Here's Garrett, wearing his US Capitol shirt, having just gotten back from CPAC in Washington, DC.

I was so happy to see these little sweeties popping up!
They are the first flowers to peak through the earth each spring & because I'm so giddy with delight,
I have to snap a pic every year.

This sunset made for a gorgeous evening sky.
God makes beautiful things.

And when the morning comes, God is already there!
I loved this sign.

Here's another good one.

All 3 of these were taken on our January trip to Tennessee.

Course, there's always pictures of food on my phone!
My guys love it when I make this dessert ... it's Apple Skillet Pie.
I'll have to share the recipe sometime.

And the same with flowers.
I am a blessed wife & momma ... one boy or another is always bringing me home fresh flowers.
These were from Gunnar.

And sometimes, there's even a selfie.
I like to send a pic to James every now & then.
For some reason, I don't think I look like myself in this one ... not sure who/what I look like though ;)

And here's one last pic that I wanted to throw it in, even though it's from clear back in December.
It's an adorable pic of a package I received in the mail from my dear friend, Jenny, in Missouri.
We share a profound love for Peanuts ... & she always finds a way to include 'Charlie Brown'
in the mix someway or another.
I just love this all ... it makes me happy, indeed.

Well, I've had tons of fun looking through & reliving good memories.
Hope this brought a bit of whimsy into your day too.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. You have some handsome young men in your life!

    1. Thank you! Momma sure thinks so ;) Have a good weekend, Michelle.

  2. Beautiful post - I really don't use my phone - don't have a really great phone for pics :) My daughter plays the Ukelele! Such fun! I am delighted that you shared with A Return to Loveliness,

    1. Hi Kathy! So glad to have you stop in & comment! Thanks for hosting the party.