Thursday, February 4, 2016

Easy Valentine Treats

It's almost Valentine's Day ... & all you need is love 
and some SUGAR!
(Both kinds of sugar ... wink wink.)

Here are 4 ideas that are sure to be loved by all ... the little kids & the big ones.

The only thing I made from scratch was the rice krispy treats.
(Just follow the recipe on the box of cereal or the bag of marshmallows.)
To make these a bit more 'lovely', I sprinkled them generously with red sugar & pink sprinkles.

For the next three treats, I melted some chocolate chips in the microwave & got busy dipping!
I broke apart graham crackers, dipped them in chocolate half way down & sprinkled on
some micro-mini marshmallows.
They were the perfect lil' smores bars!


Let's keep on dipping!
Next, I used those adorable little pink wafer cookie bars.
They are strawberry flavored & what goes better with strawberries than chocolate?!
Dunk each wafer cookie into the melted chocolate & stick a couple little conversation hearts on top.
Cute Cute!

The last treat, well, I didn't take adequate pictures of it =(
You can see the edge of it in the pictures, but I wish I had a better shot.
I bought the long, tube-shaped wafer cookies & they got a good dunking in the chocolate too!
While the chocolate was still wet, I rolled the end in red, pink, & white sprinkles.

When you put these all together on a tray, you have a Valentine delight!
Totally unhealthy & sugar for daysss, but you can't deny they are cute & fun!

Keep it sweet, everyone <3