Monday, February 13, 2012

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Aren't these so fancy & elegant looking?
They will raise the wow factor on any table!
Truth be told though, chocolate covered strawberries are a rather simple dessert. 
Even so, I generally make them most often for a special occasion ...
& almost always for Valentine's Day.

Here are the few easy steps to put these together.

First, give the strawberries a QUICK rinse &
place them on paper towels to completely dry!

Now, just so you are in 'the know', strawberries are like sponges.
If they are left in water too long, they will absorb it.
Not a good idea!
They'll become waterlogged, tasteless & mushy.

As for the chocolate, water & chocolate don't mix!
Just a drop of water can cause it to seize ... which means it clumps & gets all grainy.
Overheating will also ruin chocolate.
Only heat for 30 seconds at a time to avoid burning.

You can also add a teeny bit of canola oil after the chocolate is melted.
This will make it nice & shiny.

Use 1 whole package of white chocolate bark for 3 lbs. of strawberries.
 Dip the strawberry in the melted chocolate, swirling it around to coat.
Leave a bit of the red showing at the top of the berry.
Place on wax paper to set.
At this stage, the strawberries are perfectly wonderful just as they are.
You can plate them up & have a decadent dessert!

Buuut, if you want to go the extra mile, you can bling them up even further!
If you choose to go this route, prepare the toppings before dipping 
the berries in the chocolate.
While the chocolate is still wet on the berries, dip them in the prepared toppings.

My deviled egg plate served as the perfect holder for all these goodies:
crushed oreos, peppermint sticks, mini-chocolate chips, chopped walnuts, & red sugar.

Make sure to display them on a pretty plate ... this one is a favorite of mine
& I always use it when I make chocolate covered strawberries.

Here they are ... all plated up & ready to be devoured!


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