Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest Review - Oreo Poke Cake & Salsa

There really aren't words to describe the continuous inspiration 
I find each.and.every.time I log on to Pinterest!

From recipes to crafts ... to things to look at that are just plain pretty.
Yep, I love Pinterest.

As I eventually get around to trying some of the numerous  
{& I do mean numerous} things I've pinned, I've decided to write a review, of sorts.
It's kind of nice to hear from someone who's actually tried things.
The 411 & tips 'n tricks are always good to know.

Now, I'll warn ya ahead of time, probably 99.9% of these reviews will be of recipes. 
I'm seem to get around to trying those delectable tastys pretty quickly.

I'll, of course, be linking back to the original posters.
Be sure to check them out for more brilliance, I'm sure!

The Country Cook
I made this Oreo Poke Cake this weekend when we had company over.

I was drawn to ... hello, Oreos ... & the concept of the cake was interesting to me.
I've never made a 'poke cake' using pudding.
Another bonus, it only takes a few ingredients.
{a box cake mix & the ingredients needed to make cake, 2 boxes of Oreo pudding & milk}

It was tasty, don't get me wrong, but just not as over-the-top as I thought it might be.
Another thing, my pudding was more of a brownish color for some odd reason.
I like how hers is all creamy looking.
Some of the reviews suggested making the pudding right before you are ready 
to use it, so it's not completely set.
I second this ... even doing so, it's a bit of work it get it all 'poked' into the cake.

Will I make this cake again?
It was tasty & easy.

For the next review ... hold the presses!
This one is D-elicious!!
I made this one twice in one week.

Quick & Easy Salsa
I've been lovingly referring to this as 5 Minute Salsa & would like to give a big shout-out
to Mountain Momma Cooks for an amazing recipe!
There are many things to love.
The taste, well, my family says it's better than any restaurant salsa.
It's super easy, quick & such a fresh addition to any Mexican dish.

Will I make this salsa again?
Oh yes ... over & over! 

Stay tuned for more Pinterest reviews.

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