Friday, March 9, 2012

Deals from Dollar Tree

I am fan of the Dollar Tree.  
Everything is $1 {or less}.  
Who doesn't like that?! 

Is there some stuff in there that isn't worth carrying home?... Sure. 
But at the same time, there are some good deals to be had.  
I'm going to show you how to stretch your buck by telling you about some 
of my favorite Dollar Tree goodies.

Make no mistake, some items shouldn't be purchased at the Dollar Tree
because you can purchase them cheaper elsewhere.
This is where it pays to know your prices on the items that you regularly use
from store to store.
Maintaining a price notebook can come in handy here.
{If you haven't read my blog on that, click the above link.}

If you aren't a coupon clipper, you are in luck at the Dollar Tree.
I've heard of a few of them accepting coupons, but very few {none in our area}.
You can stop in for a quick item or two & get a good deal ... no coupons necessary.

Here are some of the items I regularly buy at the Dollar Tree:

I'm kinda picky on tortillas.
I like thick 'n fluffy ones ... as authentic as you can get without making them yourself.
These are really good ones.
I buy several packs to stock up each time I'm in Dollar Tree.


These Bora Bay cookies are a new-found treat.
The coconut ones are our favorite, but we like the banana & lemon too.
They are crispy cookies with sugar sprinkled all over top.

Another favorite cookie from Dollar Tree are the Maple Leaf Cookies.
Too bad I don't have a pic of these.
They look like leaves & have a maple filling ... & are great dunked in milk.
I especially like to put these out during the Autumn months.
You can get them at other stores but for a much higher price.

These are the items I purchased this week.
When I need wrapping supplies or gift bags, I always buy them here.
I like to keep a supply of cards {birthday, anniversary, get well, sympathy}.
The Dollar Tree sells them for 2/$1 & always has a nice selection.

For the past few months, I've been trying out the 'LA's Totally Awesome' line of products.
I read lots of reviews online & was convinced to give them a shot.
So far, so good.

This was the 1st time to try out the tea bags.
I probably won't buy them again ... I think they skimped on the amount per bag.
This caused me to use more bags than usual for a gallon of tea.

I was skeptical to try the pound cake, but it felt soft & fresh ...
& the lemon flavor peeked my interest.
For a $1, it wasn't that big a loss, right?
Well, it was delicious.
I sliced it up for an easy dessert.
These are really nice to add to a trifle dessert.

Here are other items that I like from Dollar Tree:

plastic wrap
brown lunch bags
plastic storage containers
cold/allergy medicine
spices {garlic powder, powdered chicken bouillon}
headbands, hair accessories

I like to buy stocking stuffers at Christmas time, goodies for Valentine's Day,
& basket stuffers for Easter.
The earlier you can stock up on these, the better the selection.

I encourage you to give your Dollar Tree a try ... an easy way to stretch your buck!

Maybe you shop here already.
What items to you especially like?


  1. LOVE the dollar tree! Thanks for the great reviews!! I just got some hair accessories there and I love the "Awesome" spray cleaner.

  2. I love the Dollar Tree too. I live in Auburn Indiana and our $ Tree takes coupons, Love it!

  3. I too love the dollar store. I'm all for saving money, but sometimes if you do the math, then you're right, you are actually not saving anything. :) I love buying cleaning products from there as well.

  4. When Moriah was a baby, I used to buy some laundry spray specifically for baby laundry. The name of it escapes me just now. I think it might have been called Totally Toddler or something like that... I got it for $1 obviously, but Walmart, at the time, was selling it for over $2. But yeah, wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, cards, hair stuff, meds, and for Heaven's sake, don't forget the PREGNANCY TESTS! LOL!!!!! Yep! They are only $1, too! LOL! Just had to share! :)

  5. Spices, gift bags, aluminum pie pans, pocket/purse calendars, stocking stuffers.