Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lemon Wafer Cookies

I am a Kroger shopper & one of the many things I like about Kroger
is their own line of products.
I often find that the taste of the Kroger-brand products is better than the 
national brand.
Couple that with the lower price & it's a 'win-win' situation!

For the last little while, I kept noticing these lemon wafers sitting right by
the vanilla wafers every time I was in the cookie aisle. 

I lurve lemon-flavored anything, so naturally, these peeked my interest.
I kept finding myself thinking 'hmmm, wonder what I could do with these?' 
besides the obvious ;)
After pondering this weighty matter for a week or two, this little box of cookies 
found their way into my cart.

They were no disappointment, to be sure ...
& it would've been no trouble to munch away on these lemony cookies, 
well, til they were gone, but I had schemed up a little experiment for these guys. 

I decided to make lil' sandwich cookies with a lemon icing filling.
I know ... & as if that wasn't enough, I decided to cover them with white chocolate!
Let me tell you, these turned out just great!

Here's how it all came together:

Lemon wafer cookies, icing, lemon extract, & candy coating are the necessary ingredients.
I added about 2 capfuls of the extract to the vanilla icing to make it lemony.

Put a smoodge of the lemon icing on each cookie & top with another, making a sandwich.

After putting the cookie sandwiches together, melt the candy coating in the microwave
following the package directions.
I especially like the Kroger brand of this candy coating too.
It comes in it's own microwavable tray & is very easy to work it.

Dip each cookie in the candy coating & place on wax paper to cool.

I decided to give these as gifts, so I packaged them up in these adorable boxes.

You could sprinkle some yellow coarse sugar as a decorative topping ...
or even a bit of lemon zest, if desired.
Just make sure to do that before the chocolate has set so it will stick.

Isn't it fun to get in the kitchen & try something new?!

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