Thursday, September 6, 2012

Love These Register Rewards!

I stragically planned my Meijer shopping trip ... & it paid off!
I knew I'd get back the $10 & the $3 coupon ... & the $2 was an unexpected bonus!

Here's what I did:

Transaction 1
  • Buy $10 of  Kingsford, KC Masterpiece, or Hidden Valley, get a $3 coupon back.
I bought
-3 Hidden Valley salad dressings {$3 each ... & I had a $1 coupon for each one}
-1 KC BBQ sauce {$1.50}.
Paid $7.50 OOP & got the $3 back essence, getting each product for a teeny bit over $1.
{I always look at the bottom line ... the final price to see if it's worth it.}

Transaction 2

I did the current Kraft deal again {2nd time}.
{There's still time to do this deal ... it's going til 9/15}

I chose to do this again, this time at Meijer, because they had so many of these items on sale.
And thanks to the printable coupons that have been on the net for the past couple weeks,
I got this stuff for even cheaper!

I bought
Velveeta shells & cheese {$2.07 minus $1 coupon}
2 Kraft shredded cheese {$1.88 each minus $1 coupon}
2 large jars of Kraft mayo {$2.50 each minus $1 coupon}
2 lg. packs Kraft cheese singles {$2.50 each minus 2 - $1 coupons}
lg. Maxwell House coffee {$5.99 minus $1 coupon}
2 Crystal Light On-the-Go drink flavors {clearanced down to $1.53}

Total order was $18.88 OOP & I got back the $10 coupon for my next purchase.
The $2 bonus coupon was from buying 2 Kraft mayos!

So, for my final transaction, I automatically had 3 coupons totaling $15 to take off my total!!
I applied those toward my stock up of the ground chuck that Meijer had for $2.27 a pound!

Not a bad deal ... not a bad deal at all =)

*Now in case you are wondering why I am posting so many 'couponing/savings' blogs lately,
it's because I have several friends who've contacted me for help in this area.
This is an easy way to do that.
Some have said just reading these blogs has inspired them to take a look at their spending ...
to see where they could cut back & stretch their bucks.
With the prices at the grocery getting higher & higher, it's important & necessary to save any way possible!
If you have additional savings tips, share them!

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