Friday, September 28, 2012

Mad Scientists!

Ya ... that's what you can call Riley & me.
Mad scientists.

Yesterday was a day for experiments.

One, because we're homeschoolers & that's what we do ...
& two, complete necessity, folks.

We are suffering from a severe fruit fly attack!!
Where did alllll these fruit flies come from, all the sudden?
I'm guessing it's from this massive bowl of fruit {tomatoes & apples}?!

I did what any normal person would do to solve this pesky problem.
I got on Pinterest.
I knew if anyone knew how to kick these fruit flies in the teeth,
it would be all the stickin' geniuses on Pinterest.

Here's the little concoction I found:
I poured some apple cider vinegar {about 3/4 c} into a bowl & added about 1/2 c. of water.
After adding the last ingredient, 3 squirts of dish soap, I stirred it all together.
The trap was set.
I just hoped it would work.

So today, after hearing many complaints from my boys about how terrible horrific-smelling the vinegar was,
I decided that I would throw it out.
It had been 24+ hours & I saw not one single fruit fly in the bowl.
I was feeling quite disappointed,  but as I was preparing to pour it down the drain,
I saw a speck of black.
I grabbed up a spoon & stirred the vinegar & discovered there were gobs of fruit flies
at the bottom of the bowl!
It worked!!!
I quickly sat the bowl back in it's spot, willing to endure the nasty smell a bit longer.
My 'Vinegar Fly Trap' is doing it's job!

As for Riley's experiment, it was equally as exciting.
He mixed some yeast & hydrogen peroxide in a bottle & it blew up a balloon!
Then that same oxygen from the balloon, caused the flame of a candle {under a jar} to grow.
Pretty cool!

We got so excited about these experiments that we almost cheered when we saw that
we'd be doing another one today!
Thanks, Apologia!

Oh, & how could I forget this one?!
This was another experiment, of sorts.
I cooked beef bones to make homemade beef stock, for the 1st time.

James stopped at a vitamin store last week & the owner told him there were great health benefits,
especially for women, from doing just this.
She said to get beef bones from the butcher or the grocery store & boil them with root vegetables
to make a rich & healthy stock.
She said to drink it plain, or use it as the base for a vegetable soup.
I simmered it all day with carrots, onions, & celery, making about 1.25 gallons of tasty stock.

And last but not least ... I have to add a pic of the gorgeous sunflowers that James brought me yesterday.
I guess it's an experiment of sort too ... seeing as how I've never had live sunflowers before,
I'll need to see if I can keep these babies alive as looong as possible.
Aren't they just divine?!

In conclusion, I need to blog more about homeschooling.
We have so much funny doing it.
I also need to play catch up about sooo many things, blog-wise.
Time gets away from me too fast.
I resolve to do just that ... blog more about the goings on around here =)

Have a blessed weekend, all.


  1. We've been trappin' fruit flies this week, too! what pesky little things they are. >:( Love your sunflowers and experiments...Apologia is the best. :) ~ Stacy

  2. Oh, keep up the mad science stuff for sure! I'm always in for new ideas and new things to try, especially when it comes to homeschooling!

    Enjoy your blog!

  3. I have been wanting to make my own stock but my freezer space is small but wow I cannot believe they don't just give the bones away. I guess they do sell them but you would think they would give them to you. Anyway cool tip for the fruit flies. I get those too when I bring in stuff from the garden. Have a good week.