Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seasonal Savings

                                             $$ Tip #1 in Stretching Your Dollar Series $$

I love the sales that come along during the various seasons of the year.
There's no better time to stock up the pantry
... & rack up the savings in the process!

It's almost Memorial Day ...
& Memorial weekend = COOKOUTS!

Grocery stores will have nice deals on hot dogs, hamburger meat, buns, chips, soda, potato chips, watermelon & condiments.
Add any available coupons to these great deals & get FREE or cheap food!

Most of these items will be on sale throughout the summer, but you may not see prices this low until closer to the 4th of July {& again at Labor Day weekend}.

Here are a few other seasonal savings to look for throughout the year:

Back-to-School  -- best prices of the year on peanut butter, jelly, drink boxes, cereal, lunch meat, cheese slices, yogurt, pre-packaged snacks, school/office supplies

Easter  -- ham, eggs, candy, rolls

Thanksgiving/Christmas  -- turkey, ham, butter, baking supplies, spices, broth, foil,
baking pans

Of course, after the major holidays, you can find super clearance deals on chocolate {candy}, seasonal decor, clothing, toys, etc.
These often sell out quickly, so be on the lookout within a day or 2 after the actual holiday.

I stopped in at Aldi today for pinto beans & found an unbelievable seasonal deal!
Take a look at this video to see what I got for .15!!

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 Click here for a month-by-month guide.

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