Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Mother's Day Surprise

I think my Mother's Day gift was a great big HINT, doncha think?
A big, heavy, shiny, white, beautiful hint!

And just in case I didn't get the hint, there have already been a few not-so-subtle reminders
since then  ... "Mom, doncha wanna try that out?
I bet making cookies with it will so much easier & quicker... "
hint, hint, hint ;)

Aren't them boys cute?
Of course I'm ganna make them some cookies in this beauty!
James & all the boys pitched in to buy me this, but Garrett claims it was his idea.
They totally surprised me with this one.

I think know this has got to be the best kitchen accessory ever!
My mind is already in overdrive thinking of all the goodies that this will help me make.
Well played, boys, well played.


  1. Beautiful.
    I just got mine 3ish years go and I have NO idea now how I ever lived without it. My 10 year old uses it all the time too.

  2. I am SO excited to have one now! Thanks for stopping by =)